On this page, you can download the latest version, and see what's new!

If you'd like to use the source version, LÖVE 0.9.1+, 0.10.x or 11.x is required.

Please read the README if you want some more info on setting up Ved.

1.11.1 (WIP)


Added near-full support for 2.4 fonts (CJK), except for Arabic/bidi

Minor autotiling fixes

When playtesting in VVVVVV 2.4, the level debugger is now accessible (by pressing Y in-game)

Fixed crash if fontmeta is missing <width> or <height>

2.4's <rtl> tag is now kept around

textimage, textsprite and setrtl are added as recognized commands

Fixed possible crash if using textimage or textsprite in scripts

Current Version: 1.11.0 (released on 2023-12-11)


Implemented improved autotiling to match VVVVVV 2.4 (!62, thanks Ally!)

Added the ability to create a ZIP of your level including assets, properly packaged for VVVVVV to read (video)

Added author field to the save dialog (it didn't exist yet in the above video)

Increased height of elements inside dialog boxes from 8px to 12px (making it easier to fit bigger fonts as supported in VVVVVV 2.4 as well)

Fixed script editor "Go to" button immediately clicking on room preview if it appears on the first line in a new script

Fixed crash when clicking on the room preview in the script editor for gotoroom

Editing roomnames, roomtext, and the script name on script boxes and terminals now use the improved input system!

Technical: anythingbutnil0 now always returns a number (fixing understandable oversights in plugins)

Fixed room copy-paste for Space Station color -1

Fixed alignment of script box/terminal script name display in some cases if the name contains Unicode characters

Fixed high CPU usage when holding N to print tile numbers

Fixed the length of gravity lines that go offscreen in certain specific scenarios

Tags added to the level format in VVVVVV 2.4 no longer disappear (full support soon)

"vvvvvvmusic.vvv" is now prefilled into the save dialog for the music editor

The last input is now kept when returning to the load screen (to match with the list filter which was already kept)

Updated bundled LÖVE from 11.4 to 11.5 (fixing rare freezes that some people have experienced)
Windows Mac Linux Source

Older versions:
1.10.3 (2023-06-12)


Added 2.4 setroomname command (missed it last time)

Fixed incomplete "playef(" showing "Sound $1"

Plugin directories can now be symlinked (!61)

Fixed PageUp and PageDown keys in script editor

Fixed line flashing in script editor if you clicked too low on a line

Made the width of the "level name" field in the save dialog 20 characters instead of 40, like in level options

Increased playtesting version check timeout from 2 to 5 seconds to reduce false "you are using VVVVVV 2.2, please upgrade to 2.3" messages
Windows Mac Linux Source

1.10.2 (2023-05-30)


In the script editor, pressing Left/Right at the start/end of a line now takes you to the previous/next line (!58)

Also, pressing Up/Down on the first/last line now takes you to the start/end.

All drawing tools are now interpolated (this means that there will no longer be gaps in lines of tiles if you move your mouse fast enough) (!59)

Added partial support for VVVVVV 2.4's new font format, and updated the font

Added syntax highlighting for new 2.4 scripting commands

You can now drag-and-drop level files onto the Ved window to load them (!60)

Fixed certain source files silently not being affected by plugins

Swapped "Assets" and "Level notepad" buttons

Added "Play sound" button for playef and squeak in script editor

Added coordinates preview for createentity, createcrewman, gotoposition and text in the script editor, showing a crosshair for the given coordinates and letting you click to change them.

Made warp background speed not dependent on FPS

Fixed Ctrl+Shift+N (to show all tiles and their numbers) conflicting with Ctrl+N (new level)

Allow playing .ogg files renamed to .wav or other way around

Allow right-to-left and/or bottom-to-top script box placing

Added start point "Go to" button (in addition to pressing Ctrl+P or right clicking the start point tool)

JIT compilation is temporarily turned off to prevent instability (*)

Fixes and updates to translations
Windows Mac Linux Source

1.10.1 (2022-08-09)


Fixed Cyrillic letters ш and щ being indistinguishable in the font

Fixes and updates to translations

Fixed decoding XML entities above &#x7f;

Fixed "Unrecognized command" showing up for text box lines and comments

The macOS .app version now no longer contains two versions of Ved as 1.10.0 also included a test prerelease (unsure if this caused issues, it seemed to have still worked...)

*** 11 Aug: Source package updated to 1.10.1b to fix a possible crash on LÖVE 0.9.x when opening some levels ***
Windows Mac Linux Source

[Alternate downloads for this version]


1.10.0 (2022-07-21)


Added Indonesian translation by Marchionne Evangelisti

Added support for loop points in the music editor (in LÖVE 11+)

↓ Improved/Smoothened window creation and scaling

→ No more unnecessary flashing extra windows when scaling is enabled

→ The --help command line argument now insta-exits Ved without creating a window, and the first stdout messages have been slightly cleaned up

→ The crash screen and plugin error screen are now properly scaled

→ The plugin error screen now also has text outlines like the crash screen already had

Added autodetection of VVVVVV for playtesting - instead of entering the path to VVVVVV manually, you now only need to have the game running and click "Detect"!

On Linux, the filesystem library is now supplied instead of locally compiled (TL;DR)

The script editor now warns for simplified commands in mode and vice versa. It now also gives an explanation in the right bar for why a command is red (video). This new color is also configurable

If you have VVVVVV 2.4 (latest commit as of writing), playtesting is now started much faster (down to near-instantly) because VVVVVV loads before you choose a starting position

Added hex color display to syntax highlighting color settings

Improved the Assets screen, and made it level-specific

You can also create assets folders from within Ved, and open them in your file manager/Explorer/Finder.

The assets screen now shows how many assets have been modified (e.g. "1 sound effect customized" or "9 images customized")

Fixed crash when jumping to out-of-bounds warp token/start point

Depending on your setup, scrolling *might* now feel slightly more natural/less slow. You can now also change the mouse scrolling speed.

↓ Added remaining VVVVVV 2.3 support

→ One-way tiles are now colored according to the tileset

→ Added advanced level options dialog with onewaycol_override checkbox

→ Enemies, platforms and conveyors are now gray in the gray Warp Zone tileset (instead of green)

→ Added support for music files having up to 127 songs

Updated the font

Added radio buttons for switching between custom brush tool modes (to supplement toggling with Shift)

Made song durations in music player work in LÖVE 0.9.x

↓ Replaced the text renderer with a new one

→ Dropped the usage of TTF and ImageFonts, now uses the same font.png format as VVVVVV itself (TTF was a pain)

→ Custom font.png is now supported on LÖVE 0.9.x

→ Printing invalid UTF-8 doesn't cause a crash anymore

Fixed exported map images being mis-scaled if Ved is scaled and the dialog is kept open

Added option for enabling/disabling automatic script bumping

Changes were made to several translations

Added AppImage download for Linux, added native support for Apple Silicon processors, and updated bundled LÖVE from 0.10.2 to 11.4
Windows Mac Linux Source

1.9.1 (2022-01-03)


Added on-screen interface for creating load scripts when placing terminals/script boxes (to supplement the Ctrl/Shift method which was easy to miss)

Creating a load script now doesn't fail if the target (non-load) script already exists

If a load script already exists when trying to create it, the terminal/script box will now point to it

Changed script editor warning lights to red instead of yellow

Added icon in script editor for internal scripting mode being on/off

Fixed song metadata being broken in the music editor
Windows Mac Source

1.9.0 (2021-11-03)


Added most of the support for VVVVVV 2.3 changes (like new textbox colors, larger tilesets and extended custom font images)

Removed support for VVVVVV-CE

Added two new map styles: VVVVVV's minimap, and VTools' pixel per tile style! Examples: Standard / VTools / Minimap

Changed T:/C:/E: indicators to icons

Fixed script editor crash when typing decimal coordinates in gotoroom

The music editor now remembers the directory you open a music file from and allows you to save to any directory

Made items in file dialogs 12px high instead of 8px

Added retry button when version check fails

Added .vvvvvv label to level save dialog

Made minor improvements to some interface elements (dialog animations, right click menus/dropdowns)

Removed deprecated shortcuts (the ones that showed a "will stop working soon" message)

Added the new input system to more places, including the level loading screen and the script editor!

Tab autocompletion in the script editor no longer does nothing if there's more than one match: it now always completes to the shortest possible match ("te" → "text" and not "textboxactive")

Fixed flag number allocation bug under specific circumstances (explained here)

When the tiles picker is up, using arrow keys now never moves between rooms, and instead moves through the tiles (if you're in manual mode). So if you have the tiles picker open, you no longer need to hold Ctrl and Shift while selecting tiles.

Made tile numbers more readable and nicer to look at (Image)

Fixed crash when deleting the last level note

Added option to flip terminals from right click menu

Flip terminals and reposition roomtext with unicode correctly when rotating a room 180°

Right clicking an entity now won't erase any tiles, and slide-right-clicking over an entity's control tile won't interrupt erasing with a right click menu

Removed option to disable eraser (with button or Tab key) - it no longer has a use anymore

Fixed possible plugin error screens when changing the language or font options in certain cases

The map now doesn't render added rooms at slow speed after making a level bigger

Fixed exported map images being mis-scaled in very specific conditions

The internal scripting command reference has been updated (from here)

Various cleanups under the hood and similar smaller changes
Windows Mac Source

1.8.5 (2021-07-06)


Fixed clicking on Unicode characters in the script editor

The level comparison feature now ignores data/text changes on entities that don't use it, to reduce noise caused by a VVVVVV editor bug (!52)

Added "VVVVVV setup" options screen (for custom VVVVVV folder and an extra place to change the executable used for playtesting)

Added right-clicking the playtest button as another way to change the VVVVVV executable

The main plugins information page has been improved - it now gives an overview of all plugins, and it's translated

Various other small improvements
Windows Mac Source

1.8.4 (2021-03-18)


Many improvements to codebase organization (see technical documentation for the ones that are likely to break plugins)

LÖVE 0.9.x: Fixed playtesting and Windows-specific update check (if this affected you, you'd probably know it did, from the error dialogs)

Switched update check to use NSURLSession instead of LuaSocket on macOS (support for TLS)

Fixed the OneDrive folder not being selectable in file pickers on Windows (ia=135181)

Made automatic VVVVVV folder detection consistent with VVVVVV's method on Windows (needed if your VVVVVV folder is in OneDrive or otherwise not in %USERPROFILE%\Documents) (ia=135181)

Made levels list items 12px high instead of 8px

Removed VCE tools (flip token, coin and teleporter) to allow other tools to be added

Added VCE deprecation warning

The macOS .app version now has a dark titlebar in dark mode

Fixed pressing escape to exit Ved options swallowing the next mouse click

Added "Check now" button to do update check on demand if disabled
Windows Mac Source

1.8.3 (2020-12-30)


Improved display of warning messages in the script editor for less wasted space and to give an explanation

Added warning in script editor if the script name is unsuitable for being loaded via another script and the script doesn't have a direct script box or terminal reference

Fixed 12-hour display possibly not showing am/pm if system language is not English on Linux and macOS

Removed the "mysterious" whitespace in entities' data in the level format. Note that this change breaks level loading in Ved versions below 1.7.1. (!49)

Fixed gravity/warp line positioning when placed inside solid tiles (could break out of walls for example)

Added support for 2.3 upside-down terminals

Fixed re-pressing tool hotkey not selecting first subtool (and removed VCE tools' Shift+1/2/3 hotkeys) (#119)

Fixed duration bar in music editor and sound player sometimes going out of bounds if a song/sound is started close to the end

Switched update check to use WinINet instead of LuaSocket on Windows (support for TLS finally)

Migrated search to new input system (so, that's first input field where you can select text, cut/copy, undo/redo, etc)

Other small fixes: fd72863a !42 !44 !46 !48
Windows Mac Source

1.8.2 (2020-09-12)


Fixed unreadable cyan crash screen in LÖVE 11 on plugin syntax errors, removed --default-errhand argument

Migrated state-specific callback code to the overhauled UI system to improve codebase organization and readability - main2.lua is now no longer as long and ugly. Other code readability improvements were also made

Added message when trying to jump to start point in level without one (#115)

Fixed lag/freeze when adding a textbox with extreme amounts of lines, like say(99999999)

Fixed text misalignments when using non-ASCII characters in script editor

Made non-ASCII chars typable throughout Ved, regardless of a hidden setting (VVVVVV and VVVVVV-CE will support UTF-8)

Removed hidden unpolished external script file loading feature (3DS/normal newlines)

Added state number cheatsheet to state 0

Improved quality of icon buttons and checkmarks that were originally just displayed at double scale

Room names and "yellow" messages now have a text outline

Fixed % signs disappearing in plugin code replacements

A BSOD or sudden loss of power on Windows should now no longer possibly null a recently saved file (topic=3910.0 and Discord)

Added Enter-Enter shortcut to playtest from the first checkpoint in the room, just like VVVVVV's Enter shortcut
Windows Mac Source

1.8.1 (2020-07-10)


Added support for level-specific assets folders as supported by VVVVVV 2.3/VVVVVV-CE (folder with same name as level)

Added support for level-specific assets when playtesting (-playassets argument)

Fixed possible crash when hovering over overlapping entities when starting playtesting in some cases (see !39)

Fixed character limit indicator line in script editor being askew when large font was used

Fixed VVVVVV-CE teleporter tags not being loaded if their XML tags are self-closing without space

Fixed "Solid"/"Not solid" display in tiles picker for Tower tileset

Fixed indicators for trinkets and crewmates on the map being smeared or dropped off when shifting map right

The macOS version is distributed as .dmg instead of .zip from now on, and the app finally has a Ved icon instead of a LÖVE one!
Windows Mac Source

1.8.0 (2020-05-06)


Fixed indicators of tiles in adjacent rooms being displayed one tile too high on the left

Playtesting is now possible using an updated VVVVVV (2.3) or VVVVVV-CE! More info (!34)

Fixed mousewheel scrolling in file pickers

↓ Increased support for VVVVVV-CE

→ Flip token, coin and teleporter tools have been added. Coins, one-time script boxes and activity zones are now displayed. Thanks Ally (!38)

→ Teleporters, flip tokens and upside down terminals are now displayed

→ Handling of VCE-specific entities has been improved, like when rotating a room 180°

→ Alternative/"Custom" tileset images (tilesX.png) and sprites images (spritesX.png) are now fully supported (press Ctrl+F9 or click the button to change)

→ Made tiles picker smaller in VVVVVV-CE levels to make room for more VVVVVV-CE-related controls and indicators

→ Alt states can now be added and edited (with VVVVVV-CE keybinds: F6 to add an alt state, A to switch between states)

→ Entities in towers are no longer shown in normal rooms

→ You can now convert levels between VVVVVV and VVVVVV-CE. That means you can now also create new VVVVVV-CE levels in Ved (see Level options)

→ New scripting commands are recognized as valid in the script editor in VVVVVV-CE levels, which means seeing less red when you work on VVVVVV-CE scripts in Ved
Windows Mac Source

1.7.1 (2020-03-07)


Fixed tile transparency bug that happened in LÖVE versions below 11

If a level was saved with an intermediate/unreleased version of VVVVVV, entities will no longer fail to be loaded or have excessive whitespace in their data (script names or roomtext)

Fixed entity display on the map not updating immediately when copying rooms, swapping rooms, undoing or redoing

The VVVVVV minimap for the current room is now displayed in the bottom left (!36)

entcolours.png is now used (#21, !36)

Helpful context information is displayed for more scripting commands. Music commands now show the track name, time-based scripting commands like delay or walk now show how long its argument is in seconds. (!36)

The right edge of textboxes is now also shown in the script editor, just like the left (!36)

Roomnames that only consist of spaces are no longer displayed, just like VVVVVV (!36)

Warp lines can now be locked and unlocked from the right click menu, locked gravity and warp lines can be moved and copied (!36)

Plugins that are packaged as a folder within a zip (instead of at the root of the zip) will now work. (#109, !36)

You can now scroll scrollbars without scrolling your cursor by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down, or Ctrl+Alt+PageUp/PageDown. (!36)

You can now use Home and End to go to the top and bottom of scrollable areas. (!36)

You can now edit scripts without bumping from the right click menu of terminals and script boxes (!36)

You can now drag and drop files on the graphics viewer (if your version of LÖVE supports it) (!36)

Fixed being able to place multiple start points by placing the first one, undoing, redoing, and placing a new one. (!36)

The shortcuts Q (go to room) and K (show background) are now obsolete and changed to G and Shift+; respectively. The old ones still work for the time being, but display a message when used.

Updated scripting references

Added an option to support level sizes that go outside normal limits, and to replicate how VVVVVV handles them. (!27)

In the code: roomdata and levelmetadata now have getters and setters (!27). Besides, levelmetadata now uses a 3D table instead of 2D ([roomy][roomx][property] instead of [1-400][property])

The trinkets and crewmates limit is now 100, in accordance with VVVVVV technically supporting this already, apart from not YET resetting them above 20 when starting a level from the beginning after having played another level.

The metadata entity will now be saved in (100,100) 0-ix instead of (20,20), but it will still be loaded if it's at the old location

Fixed ugly lines between rooms on the map at certain level sizes

↓ Added partial support for VVVVVV-CE levels

→ Loading a VCE level will adapt Ved to target VCE for that level. It's not yet possible to freely switch/convert between VVVVVV and VCE targets, and since new levels will always be VVVVVV levels by default, you can't yet create new VCE levels, unless you open and save the level in VCE, or modify the level file.

→ It's possible to load and save VCE levels without losing VCE features like towers. Do make backups - which Ved does by default whenever you save - just in case.

→ In VCE levels, limits are adapted to VCE limits. 100x100 levels sizes, 1000 flags, etc. If you see you can now use 100 trinkets and crewmates in VVVVVV levels, that's unrelated, see above.

→ The Tower tileset is supported (but towers aren't yet viewable or editable)

→ The extra enemies are accessible

Added Spanish translation by Valso22/naether

Script box placement order is now displayed when hovering over scriptboxes (!37)

Some other changes (#106, #110, #111, !36)
Windows Mac Source

1.7.0 (2019-12-22)


You can now change the order of scripts freely (ia=115896, #54, !29)

Unused scripts and flags are now darkened (#67, #68, !29)

Using / to go to the most recent script in the script list no longer marks the level as having unsaved changes (!29)

Spike hitboxes are now shown more accurately when holding down J, and tiles 75-79 in tiles2 are no longer marked as spikes (!29)

Subtools can now also be switched with shift+</> in addition to ctrl+</> (!29)

Undoing a 180° room rotation now correctly auto-tiles (#82, !29)

You can now get the locations of all trinkets and rescuable crewmates (#8, !29)

Added the ability to shift rooms on the map screen (ia=103333, !30)

Added the ability to see trinkets, crewmates, and the player overlaid on the map (!30)

You can now use the Lab rainbow BG in multi-tileset mode (ia=109950, !30)

You can now skip the script delete confirm dialog by holding Shift when clicking on Delete (!30)

More dialogs are now navigable by keyboard (!30)

You no longer need to close and reopen Ved when changing the font, language or display settings (!30)

Translucent pixels of custom textures now show up the way they do in VVVVVV (!30)

Fixed crash from pressing Tab on the "unable to open a level" dialog (!30)

Fixed crash when tabbing through the blank middle of the levels list (!30)

Added a visual border around the room in the main editor (!30)

Added some more hotkeys and made more already-existing hotkeys visible when holding F9 (!30)

Fixed visual issues with certain things when using the smaller window size (!30)

You can now see gravity line hitboxes when holding down J (!30)

Added a new language screen, which also shows up the first time you open Ved

Fixed a crash on startup on Android and iOS

Characters not supported by font.png now show up with the default font

The path to the plugins folder is now shown on the plugins page

Input that happens too immediately after regaining focus is ignored. Thus, for example, alt+tabbing to Ved won't make Ved act on alt+tab being pressed. (!32)

You can now use the keypad Enter in place of regular Enter. (!32)

You can now use WASD when holding down Ctrl+Shift (!33)

You can now hold K down to see the tile grid in the background, and semicolon (;) to show the tile grid for the minimap (!33)

Entities are now displayed in more accurate colors (!33)

The font size setting in the script editor is now remembered.

Added basic support for warpdir and ifwarp scripting commands (ifwarp now marks scripts as used). The functioning of these commands is a very recent discovery, and it's amazing (#113)

The GUI system is starting to get technically overhauled, starting with the map screen. You shouldn't notice much of it.

The shortcuts Ctrl+left and Ctrl+right in the script editor, and Ctrl+A and Ctrl+D in the levels list are now deprecated and are being replaced with different ones, to make room for the input overhaul in a future version. (use Alt+left, Alt+right, Ctrl+R and Ctrl+F instead)

Lots of other changes and technical improvements. There are too many to list here, but if you would also like to know about the not-as-exciting-to-list-here changes, basically everything is also documented in commit messages in the repository.
Windows Mac Source

1.6.1 (2019-08-10)


In mode, lines in textboxes starting with "text" may now only in very limited circumstances cause the lines above to be marked as possible splitting points

The play button of the currently playing music/sound is now green in the music player/editor and sounds player

Fixed high CPU usage in script list on LÖVE 11 if there are many scripts

Fixed image viewer crash when using hotkeys while no image is loaded. Also fixed the fact that typing in a name in the loading dialog in the image viewer might be seen as using hotkeys.

Added refresh button to levels list (this was already possible before with F5)

Using non-1x scale on exactly LÖVE 0.9.1 now doesn't crash anymore

Using non-1x scale and having a level in the levels list with a title that is too long, will no longer cause faulty scissoring (black areas where levels should be, or levels overlapping the recently opened levels)

Possible "func.lua:3033: bad argument #2 to 'setScissor' (number expected, got nil)" or "scaling.lua:9: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'y' (a nil value)" crash fixed

Fixed Copy buttons in script editor and level notes editor not copying text to the right of the cursor

You can now correctly open music files called vvvvvvmusic.vvv or mmmmmm.vvv that are outside the VVVVVV folder.

Changing the VVVVVV folder in Ved options will now automatically refresh the levels list, and you can exit the Ved options with ESC.

You can now make the roomname background opaque, and it's aligned more consistently with VVVVVV (!28)

A lot more hotkeys than before are now shown when holding down F9 (!28)

F9 hotkeys are now localized, and show the cmd symbol on Mac instead of ctrl (!28)

The platform speed control has been redesigned (#37, !28)

When renaming scripts, you can now choose to update all references to that script! (#52, !28)

When tabbing in a dialog with fields, the current field now has a yellow border (!28)

Filenames that are too long to fit in the levels list will now be cut off and scroll upon hover or selection just like titles already do (!28)

Some other little things (#81, and several other things not listed)
Windows Mac Source

1.6.0 (2019-07-21)


Ved 1.6.0 changes in less than 1 minute and 33 seconds

Added music player and editor (.vvv editor), sound effects player and graphics viewer

Added ability to copy an entity (via right click menu or alt+shift+click. Also see Shortcuts help page)

Completed the migration to new dialog internals

Fixed crash if levels folder could not be found (see commit description)

Typing or pasting | in the script editor will now automatically create a new line to avoid the illusion that you can use it in a script (!8) You can now also no longer use | in script names (!11)

In addition to ctrl+U which deletes text to the start of the line, ctrl+K now deletes text to the end of the line (!9)

You can now hold shift while pressing a subtool shortcut to make it "stick", so you don't have to hold down the key. (!13)

Holding shift while pressing W or F10 now reverses the order those actions work in (!13)

You can now press LEFT, RIGHT, HOME, END, DELETE, and Ctrl+K in text fields in dialog boxes, like you normally could in other text input. (!12). Contents of dialog text input fields can no longer visually overflow the input field

You can now cancel placing a terminal, script box or roomtext or changing its data by pressing ESC (!15)

There is now an mode for the say(-1) method (#36, !14+!23)

Flags can now be swapped in the Flags screen with drag and drop (#53, !16+!21+!22)

Characters to the right of the cursor in the script editor are no longer ignored (ia=105046, !10)

Other improvements have been made to syntax highlighting in the script editor, like showing alt text box colors when using createcrewman, and correctly highlighting commands with spaces in them (#64, !10+!17)

In the script editor, Ctrl+D on the last line now deletes that line instead of just clearing it, Ctrl+Shift+D now deletes a line and moves upwards instead of downwards (!18). Also, ctrl+A now copies the entire script, and ctrl+C copies the current line.

Improved the behavior of the Delete key in certain input areas like the script editor (!19)

Space Station tilecol -1 is now supported (ia=110896, #15, !25)

The custom VVVVVV folder setting now uses a folder chooser, instead of a field to enter a raw path

Various bugs have been fixed which are documented in these issues, merges and commits: #58 #60 #63 #73 #74 #75 #78 #84 !20 !24 !25 !26 21dd5e4b

Thanks to Info Teddy for his contributions this version.
Windows Mac Source

1.5.1 (2019-04-11)


Fixed crash when checking usages of a script name if there are internal script-loading commands with missing arguments (like plain loadscript without arguments)

Added back transparent crash screen on LÖVE 11 (when possible)

*** 21st June: Download links for Windows and Source updated to fix the crash on startup that some people got. There has been an updated version before, but this is easier. ***
Windows Mac Source

[Alternate downloads for this version]

Windows Source

1.5.0 (2019-04-10)


Added a version number system for intermediate/pre-release versions. The first version after 1.4.5 is called 1.4.6-pre01, for example, which will be older than the final 1.4.6. (This became 1.5.0, but that's accounted for and you get the idea)

If you managed to cause a syntax error in the settings file, Ved will no longer crash (#44)

Opening a level file that has a newline character in the filename (yes) will now no longer cause a syntax error in the settings file (#44)

↓ Stopped relying on command prompt or terminal utilities for listing level files, on all operating systems

→ On all OSes, this means last modification dates are now displayed next to levels. Also, newlines no longer split filenames into different non-existent ones (#45). And in general, it's way more professional.

→ On Windows, this means no more flashing cmd windows, and no more problems with Unicode in file paths (like account usernames, ia=110463)

→ On Mac, subfolders can now be navigated for the first time

iftrinketsless is now recognized as a valid command (#40, #47) (!3)

F11 now reloads custom font (#34) (!4)

Internal script-loading commands (like ifexplored) with internal script names prefixed with "custom_" now make the "Create"/"Go to" button show and will count as usages of scripts (#39) (!5)

Spikes in adjacent rooms are now indicated (ia=102530, ia=102799, #12) (!6)

Holding both [ and ] no longer locks the cursor in place, it's now possible to move the cursor along the lines. (ia=104672) (!7)

Optimized levels list for large amounts of levels, and solved possible flickering problems when opening a large folder (#48)

Fixed tileset reloading (F11) not updating display of current room

Fixed incorrect gravity line length when redoing placing it, and fixed a crash bug when redoing placing a warp line

Fixed a crash when attempting to use the dropdown in the map export dialog as a text input field

Added a preview of a room when being on a line with gotoroom, showcoordinates or hidecoordinates in a script (Image)

Internal scripts which end with an inevitable jump (like loadscript or customiftrinkets(0,script)) will no longer have loadscript(stop) automatically appended, saving one line in that case

Thanks to Info Teddy for his contributions this version.
Windows Mac Source

1.4.5 (2019-03-16)


Fixed auto-expand spike tool using the previous room's data after switching rooms and immediately auto-expanding spikes

Overhauled the search feature: you can now scroll, see how many results there are, and return from the script editor directly to the search results page where you left off

If you know what I mean: the CLI argument for a level file can now be a full path to a level as long as it's still inside your levels folder

Officially bumped minimum LÖVE version from 0.9.0 to 0.9.1 (don't panic, you're most probably fine)
Windows Mac Source

1.4.4 (2019-02-20)


Improved the FPS limiting feature, see the commit description for more details

Ved now blocks forbidden characters for your OS in filenames, instead of relying on the OS to block them. Reason: Windows and the : character.

Added textbox color highlighting and bar to indicate the amount of lines (example)

Added fill bucket tool

Fixed autotiling of Outside backgrounds next to solid tiles

Optimized drawing tiles and horizontal/vertical warp direction backgrounds by using SpriteBatches. In other words, better performance!

Added French translation by RhenaudTheLukark

Worked around a bug in VVVVVV so platform speeds can now be set for the correct rooms in levels that are smaller than 20x20

Added a refresh button to update check/latest info

Added the possibility to display scrolling text next to the levels list (in case a major issue is discovered or something and people need to be warned)
Windows Mac Source

1.4.3 (2018-10-07)


You can now open your VVVVVV levels folder in Explorer/Finder/default file manager from the levels list, by pressing ctrl+D or clicking a button

Added some more hooks for plugins

Fixed flag names sometimes not being converted in internal scripts, if they appeared right after a splitting point

You can now reorder level notes

When moving/resizing a script box, you can now place the top left corner where it already is

Tiles are now sanity checked when opening a level

Entities can now be moved by alt+clicking on them or using the Move option in the right click menu

Q (quick go to room) feature clarified to say "Go to room"

You can now press ctrl+U in text input to clear text (to the left of cursor)
Windows Mac Source

1.4.2 (2018-08-26)


The spike tool will now update gravity lines correctly

Warp lines now stop at and go through the correct tiles, consistent with VVVVVV, and no longer behave inconsistently with certain tiles.

Internal scripting mode will now use squeak(off) to save lines when the script is converted by VVVVVV, allowing scripts with mode to be a bit longer. (See commit for more information. Thanks to Info Teddy for the contribution) (!2)


The map is now generated in the background, so opening the map will now happen in no time (unfinished parts on the map will also be shown as they're being drawn)

Saving an image of the map can now be done in more sizes, you can choose a part of the map to export, and more. You can also immediately open the saved picture in your image viewer.

You can now also cut/copy/paste/undo/redo from the map screen, shortcuts included.
Windows Mac Source

1.4.1 (2018-07-30)


In smaller window mode, scrolling on the far left (x < 64) now also switches tools, instead of doing nothing (#17)

Fixed level detail display when levels list is filtered (positioning was off when hovering over a level, and the details were off when tab-selecting) (#30)

Fixed 1st line of internal scripts disappearing if 2nd line is blank (#25) (topic=3720.0 presumably?) (apparently also fixes #26)

You can now see what scripts a flag was used in (#20)

Fixed crash in certain circumstances after removing a level file and refreshing the levels list quickly enough (see commit for more information)

Script jumping feature in editor (Create/Go to) now looks at the full line, instead of just to the left of your cursor.

Current level (in title) now only gets updated on successful save/load

Versions of Ved and LÖVE are now displayed in the Ved options screen

Added variable storage to metadata entity (#38, see the commit for more info.)

[If you're seeing a warning in older versions of Ved about levels being made in a more recent version of Ved, the change listed above is why.]

Saving levels should now happen much faster if it was taking a long time.

Fixed dialogs with text boxes not taking tab or backspace keypresses right away after loading a level with tab/arrow keys

Ved no longer saves back entity data beyond 40 characters if the entity is not roomtext, a script box or a terminal. (In other words, when there's no use for the data in the entity anyway). This is caused by a bug in VVVVVV. (ia=105705)

Fixed creating a custom brush on the tileset immediately stamping in the room

F-keys in editor no longer work if ctrl is held down (I've had my enemy type changed all the time when switching workspaces which shouldn't happen in the first place, but oh well)

Fixed crash when typing text,,,, in an internal script and exiting

Fixed entities sometimes disappearing in newly created levels if the first created entity is level is deleted

Tile solidity/spikyness can now be checked by holding J

Text now uses proper singular/plural/number forms (no more "check(s)" or "1 usages"). Languages with other plural rules are covered too.

Changes on the diff screens can now no longer impact formatting (by including a backslash in, for example, the name or title of a level)
Windows Mac Source

1.4.0 (2018-07-07)


Added support for loading custom font.png (see the description of this commit for more details)

Fixed some minor font positioning inconsistencies in LÖVE 11.x

Added entity border when hovering over the entity "control tile" (It looks like this)

Added ctrl+I shortcut to toggle internal scripting mode in the script editor (#19)

Fixed using shift+/ inserting ? in latest opened script (#27)

Entities now no longer display on top of script names on terminals and script boxes (#29)

Fixed race condition if closing almost fully closed dialog (#32, see this for more info)

A level can now be saved only once after a crash, meaning you can't spam the S key anymore to get a trillion files. Now you have to press R before saving another time if you really want it.

Added ctrl+D shortcut to script editor and level notes to delete the current line

Fixed custom size brush not being click-and-draggable since 1.3.3 (#16)

It's no longer possible to use dropdowns as standard input fields, due to it being a bit wonky and unnecessary (#14)

You can no longer paste newline characters in dialog input fields

Fixed a crash when pasting in a dialog without having selected an input field

Fixed resetting syntax colors when they have not yet been saved to the settings file

Added script comment syntax highlighting (# or // can start a comment)

Overhauled the code for dialogs - there can now be multiple dialogs on screen at the same time, having a dialog on screen doesn't block quitting (#31, #33)

The dialog when creating a new level while already having one open is changed from a Yes/No one to Save/Discard/Cancel

Added easier to change FPS limit

Added Lock/Unlock to context menu for gravity lines

German is now added as a language option (Thanks to r00ster for the translation!)

Added a level stats screen: image
Windows Mac Source

1.3.3 (2018-04-22)


Added compatibility with LÖVE 11.x

You can now turn the eraser off while editing by pressing TAB (main reason for this feature is to make it a little bit easier to right click on entities without removing a bit of wall/background and without having to switch to a tool beyond spikes)

Blank lines in internal scripting text boxes no longer change to "#" (it's not necessary for lines that are part of text boxes)

Fixed accidental button presses by holding down mouse in certain cases (buttons on left and right side of editor when drawing, or Used checkbox in scripts list when pressing Scripts)
Windows Mac Source

1.3.2 (2018-03-31)


Improved scaling settings: non-integer scaling and smaller screen mode can be set from within Ved, and much more information (and a preview) is shown. See the description for this commit for more information, and also see these screenshots: 1 2 3 4

Fixed thread error on levels list if a level with an unmatchable metadata item exists.

Unfinished flag commands with an empty flag name/number, like "ifflag(", will no longer be turned into "ifflag0("

Fixed crash that would happen if you unchecked the "Used" or "Unused" box in the script list, chose a script, and then returned to the script list.

Fixed bug where the next click may be ignored after using ctrl+right in script

Holding [ or ] will no longer dim the screen when editing room name

Numeric XML entities are now supported in level files (which makes working with characters before space better)

Fixed input to right of cursor vanishing if opening dialogs with input fields in script editor (#13)

*** Between 1 April 2018 10:00 UTC and 3 April 2018 10:00 UTC, this version (if not cloned from the repo) will pretend to have been "automatically updated" to 1.4, and contains a working "playtesting" feature ***
Windows Mac Source

1.3.1 (2018-01-19)


Added display of titles and other metadata in levels list (Screenshots: 1 2). Don't worry, loading the metadata for every level doesn't slow down loading time the way it does in VVVVVV. It can also be turned off if you want. (ia=115414)

Plugin dirs/zips with a name starting with "." will now be ignored, and plugin hooks starting with a "." will now not be loaded

The Send Feedback button now links to (it used to link directly to the Idea Informer)

Fixed scroll limit in levels list in subdirectory

Rooms on the map can no longer be clicked when a dialog is on screen

Fixed display of scripts when first going to the script list via the script editor

Added support for moving between rooms via the numpad (8/4/6/2 for up/left/right/down, and 5 can now be used to toggle the map)

Fixed clicking a recently opened level causing one from the full list to be opened (as if recently opened levels didn't overlap the full levels list)
Windows Mac Source

1.3.0 (2017-11-17)


Vastly improved the undo system - all entity changes can now be undone and redone properly, along with metadata, room metadata, and some other operations that can be done on rooms, like copy-pasting and swapping. Some bugs in it are now fixed as well.

The "Are you sure you want to quit?" dialog is now replaced by a dialog that only shows up if there are unsaved changes, which asks if you want to save first (ia=103334). Also added an asterisk indicator in the window title to indicate unsaved changes.

Added list of 5 recently opened levels on the loading screen, this enables you to open those levels even faster (up+enter to open the last opened level)

Added shortcut revealing feature for buttons, you can now see keyboard shortcuts for most buttons by holding F9 anywhere within Ved.

Added \X formatting code to help for decoding XML/HTML entities on that line (pretty uninteresting if you're not running the online update notes)

Added a temporary flashing border around the current room on the map, to make clear what the current room is when you go to the map.

You can now move to different rooms on the map, using the arrow keys.

Added hint for setting a new custom brush size (right click)
Windows Mac Source

1.2.4 (2017-10-14)


Crash logs can now be saved to files automatically. (See commits 57d17cd and 6b4afe8 for more details)

Added support for "update notes", which are help pages that come with the version number when checking what the latest version is, and could contain things like current changelogs (and it'd be possible to show what has changed in versions newer than yours, which would be really nice)

Added + and = to help/level note formatting, and added the colors purple and dark green

Added support for clickable links in help/level notes, to anchors in articles, other articles, or websites

Added feature in scripts list to only show used or unused scripts (#9)

Fixed level file listing on Mac (It doesn't show subdirectories, however)
Windows Mac Source

1.2.3 (2017-09-23)


The help/level notes system is now a lot more optimized for very long articles/notes and for many different colors on a line.

Fixed making overwrite backups if the level is in a subdirectory

The "originally last modified" timestamp is now also saved on Windows if your username has spaces, and/or if you happen to still be using Windows XP.
Windows Mac Source

1.2.2 (2017-09-15)


+/- buttons in the options are no longer clickable if a dialog is onscreen

The levels list is now scrollable

Fixed "originally last modified" time indication for backups on Windows - that property has apparently been saving as 1970

Non-backup files in the backups folder are now handled better: they're ignored when deciding which old backups to prune, and they're displayed with their actual name and a question mark symbol in the list of backups (instead of a backup with both dates at 1970)

Gravity/warp lines no longer autocorrect when p4 is set to 1 (ia=113714)
Windows Mac Source

1.2.1 (2017-09-08)


Added support for middle-click scrolling

Fixed a crash that would happen on Windows if the levels folder uses a trailing (back)slash or uses slashes instead of backslashes.

Fixed blurry font if scale > 1 after the plugin error screen has appeared (for some reason, this problem was Linux-only!)

Improved command argument escaping on Linux and Mac

The crash screen now no longer turns black when the window is unfocused

Updated the internal commands reference

Fixed opening URL in LÖVE 0.9.0 on Windows (used for the feedback button)
Windows Mac Source

1.2.0 (2017-09-05)


Prepared the crash screen a bit in advance for the unreleased LÖVE 0.11 (just so the crash screen won't crash, will be displayed normally, and will be a bit clearer about LÖVE versions that are not yet supported)

Undo/Redo buttons are now grayed out (sorta) if undo/redo stacks are empty, respectively

Made wrapping past the start and end of the level list consistent (ia=100416)

You can now click to set your text cursor position in the script editor and in the level notes editor! (topic=2572.0)

Just like the one in the script editor, the "Copy" button in the level notes editor now becomes yellow for a bit when it is clicked, to indicate that it has worked.

Ved now no longer renders when the window is unfocused by default, which should optimize things when keeping Ved running in the background

Added proper subdirectory support for the levels folder. Subdirectories are now shown as such and can be navigated, and saving a map image when the level is in a subdirectory now also works.

Ved now backups level files that are overwritten when saving (for lots of information about this, see this. If you're on Windows and see a command prompt window flash when saving, that's part of making the backup)

The scale setting can finally be changed using -/+ buttons to a value of 1-9. As a bonus, the value will be red if it's higher than what fits on any of your displays, and that is calculated dynamically.
Windows Mac Source

1.1.4 (2017-07-20)


Added basic command completion in the script editor - Pressing TAB will complete any simplified/internal command, if there's a single match. This can be useful when having to type longer commands like backgroundtext a lot.

Added state number allocation system for plugins, which makes implementing custom states in plugins much better! See the technical documentation for more info.

Certain plugin hooks which relied on global variables (like key for love_keypressed_start and x,y,button for love_mousepressed_start) now pass them as arguments to the hooks. See the updated section on this in the plugins help

If the crash screen crashes, Ved should now display a basic crash screen instead of just closing

Added / shortcut to script list, to jump to the topmost script, which is the latest opened one.

You can now use multiple spaces in a row in levels, and you can use spaces at the starts and ends of text, because &#32; is now handled (see commit 0cc1d6b for more info)

Level size can no longer be set to decimals (this used to crash Ved, and doesn't work anyway) (ia=111258)

Entity right click menus no longer open when cursor is locked elsewhere (You can lock the cursor X and Y with the [ and ] keys, but you would still be able to open right click menus for entities while moving over them while erasing tiles, while your cursor is locked in another column or row.) (#10)
Windows Mac Source

1.1.3 (2017-05-01)


Fixed crash when scrolling in level notes (#4)

The crash screen or plugin error screen could be crashed by pressing C if the original crash happened early enough (#6)

Made entity IDs more reliable. This fixes the bug where placing a script box, terminal or room text would not let you type a script name or room text, and would create a 0x0 script box or terminal with the script name "stop", or a roomtext "[Bug!]". (ia=102347 and other reports - thanks)

Fixed a bug where both placing the entrance and the exit of a warp token were counted as new entities.

Added responsive feedback for "Copy script" button (#3)

Errors getting the levels list are now displayed in orange/amber

Level sizes can no longer be 0 or negative (ia=110786, topic=3721.0)
Windows Mac Source

1.1.2 (2017-03-28)


Entities can now be deleted again, oops
Windows Mac Source

1.1.1 (2017-03-28)


Fixed "func.lua:2098: attempt to index local 'origtext' (a number value)" crash on LÖVE 0.10 (topic=3719.0)

Corrected the spacing between tile numbers (when holding N) on LÖVE 0.10
Windows Mac Source

1.1.0 (2017-03-27)


Added feature to easily create load scripts: When typing the name for a script box or terminal, press shift+enter to create a load script with an unused flag, and ctrl+enter to create one with iftrinkets(0,script).

Added help button to script editor

Added more shortcuts: N and F in the script list for creating a new script and going to the flags list respectively, up/down in the help/level notes to switch between articles/notes, and F1/ctrl+F1 to go to the help (in the main editor: only ctrl+F1)

The button of the currently selected help article/level note is now colored differently

Certain specific keyboard shortcuts only worked with LEFT ctrl/cmd/shift, almost all of those now support right counterparts as well. (This was done while cleaning up the code)

The contents of level notes can now be copied

Ved now supports command line arguments, so you can pass it a level filename to load, or start a new level, for example.

Tilesets and sprites and the list of levels are no longer loaded every time the levels list is opened. Instead, to reload the tilesets and sprites, you can press F11, and to reload the levels list, you can press F5 there.

Added an indicator in the main editor that tells whether displayed coordinates start at 1 or 0.

Coordinates in the bottom right corner of the main editor are now right-aligned

Fixed several bugs, in particular the one where lab spikes in multi mode didn't work properly

Background colors can now be used in help articles, level notes and plugin descriptions! Image 1, Image 2

There's now a customizable brush size, which can also copy-paste an area of tiles, see this post (topic=2899.0, topic=2953.0, topic=3147.0, topic=3230.0)

Help articles can now be translated

Fixed jumping to script from (non-script editor) search feature (#2)

\n is now removed from the "untitled" level name in window title

Plugins can now have .lua files in an include folder, and they can then be included with ved_require() as if they were in the main Ved source folder.

Added gray background to names for script boxes and terminals, to make them more easily readable when there's roomtext or white tiles underneath.
Windows Mac Source

1.0.3 (2017-02-08)


Fixed scaling crash
Windows Mac Source

1.0.2 (2017-02-07)


When creating new lines in the script editor, the screen didn't automatically scroll if necessary, now it does. (It already did when moving the cursor up/down.) (topic=3611.0)

Fixed if smaller screen mode AND scaling is used

Room names that are too long to fit on the screen are now displayed as they are in VVVVVV (just centered with both sides cut off.) When a message with a yellow background is shown, the text can now span multiple lines. When editing a room name, you can see multiple lines as well, but any additional lines have a red background color. (#1)

Several other less-major changes, bugfixes and updates were made. You can check the commit history for more details.

If you have scaling set to a higher value than 1x, this update won't work - fix will come tomorrow

Also please be aware that the version number is incorrectly indicated as 1.0.1 in this version.
Windows Mac Source

1.0.1 (2017-01-04)


Right click menus can now no longer go offscreen on the right side

When in smaller screen mode, the clickable area for levels on the load screen is now properly made smaller too.

When creating a new script, after leaving the editor with a script with internal scripting mode enabled, that new script will no longer also have internal scripting mode enabled by default

Fixed splitting and duplicating scripts with internal scripting mode enabled

Added entity movement types to lists reference

When saving/converting/splitting an internal script is caused to fail (by having way too many lines between a text command and its speak/speak_active) the script will no longer come out broken, because internal scripting mode is now simply disabled in such an event.
Windows Mac Source

1.0.0 (2016-12-28)


Finally added a complete internal scripting reference. It may still need some improvements, feel free to give feedback.

The level comparison feature now also compares flag names and level notes!

Added the option to disable checking for updates on startup.

Ved is now officially no longer in beta, and proper Windows and Mac executables are distributed from now on!
Windows Mac Source

b17 (2016-12-22)


Fixed crash that was caused by gravity lines and warp lines at the top of a room that run offscreen on the left

When copying a script in the script editor on an OS other than Windows, \n (LF) linebreaks are used now, instead of \r\n (CRLF)

Malformed (or missing XML in) level files now cause an error message to be shown, instead of crashing Ved.

When you modify enemy/platform bounds while the bounds are hidden, they'll be shown

You can now place left and right corners of enemy/platform bounds on top of top left corners of existing enemies/platforms respectively.

Gravity lines and warp lines now update their anchor and length values (p2 and p3) when they're moved from within the properties dialog, unless you modify p1, p2 and/or p3 in that same dialog. (ia=106660)

b16 (2016-12-02)


Made gravity lines more consistent with VVVVVV; they are now blocked by the same tiles as in VVVVVV. (ia=106985)

(Re-)added "change to horizontal/vertical" option for gravity lines (correctly this time).

You can now click on levels in the levels list (ia=101242)

The entity counter would be incremented both when placing the top left of a script box and when placing the bottom right, and another two times when moving/resizing a script box. This has now been fixed.

b15 (2016-11-13)


The search screen now has a "Return" button (in addition to the ESC shortcut)

More shortcuts in the main editor: / to go to the script editor, ctrl+/ to go to the level notepad and ctrl+F to go to the search screen.

Added 1px border around the map (topic=3480.0)

Fixed flag names with capital letters not being handled correctly, a bug introduced earlier by fixing flag names with special characters

b14 (2016-09-08)


Bottom right corner of platform bounds fixed when pasting a room

The syntax highlighting colors for scripting are now customizable

When searching in a script and the search term is not found, there's now a message indicating that

When going up or down in a script with the arrow keys, the script will now scroll automatically when the cursor is (about to go) offscreen. The same goes for pageup and pagedown.

Also, when jumping to a line or searching, the line you go to will also be scrolled to automatically now

Text input is now not accepted while the windows/super key is being held (if you're on Windows or Mac you can pretty much ignore this one)

b13 (2016-08-12)


Added Russian translation by CreepiX, and Esperanto translation by Format. If you have either of them in your %appdata% lang folder already, please make sure to take them out, because some things have changed.

Certain buttons and labels can now hold longer text (buttons on the right now display 2 lines better, dialog buttons are longer, "/20" for trinkets/crewmates counts is hidden when the full tiles picker is active)

Optimized loading of scripts from a level file, so loading levels with lots of script lines should now be noticably faster

The compare function now displays room coordinates instead of room numbers for room metadata, and displays entity type names instead of numbers.

Moving a warp token exit now no longer adds an "entity addition" to the undo stack (which would cause a crash if you undid twice)

Forgot to make a couple of files that I made not long ago LF instead of CRLF, making them hard to mod, whoops.

Made the help and the tools bar better in small screen mode, there's now "CTRL" to indicate that's the button which shows the tools menu, and the current tool is always shown. Several other issues with smaller screen mode were also fixed.

When using LÖVE 0.8 or lower, the "outdated LÖVE" message is now shown in all supported languages, automatically

The background tool now has its own subtool images

b12 (2016-08-05)


Fixed the tileset buttons not updating when jumping to the start point with ctrl+P/right clicking the start point tool (which could result in a crash)

Showing the FPS counter in the title is now a setting

It is now finally possible to change the custom VVVVVV directory setting through the Ved options screen (also, um, if you had a custom VVVVVV directory with \ in it, saving the options will no longer break your settings file!)

If your scale setting is set so high that the window won't fit on your monitor (any of your monitors) then the scale will be reset to 1. Also, if it is detected that you don't have a monitor that has a resolution of at least 896 pixels wide, then the smaller screen mode will be activated automatically.

There are now icons for undoing, redoing, cutting, copying and pasting

When clicking the Split button in the script editor and canceling out of that, input would no longer be accepted. This is now fixed.

The compare levels screen now uses colors to indicate different types of changes, making it a lot clearer: Image

All text in Ved can now be translated into different languages! A Dutch language pack is included (everything except for the help pages is translated at the moment). If you'd like to translate Ved into your own language, you can get started by putting a renamed copy of the English language file (in the lang folder) in %appdata%\LOVE\ved\lang! (on Mac replace %appdata% by /Users/user/Library/Application Support, on Linux by ~/.local/share)

Monitor interface-like arrow keys enemy/platform bounds system replaced by a system where you click the top left and bottom right corners of the bounds.

b11 (2016-07-30)


Completed most of the help pages, except for the internal scripting reference (anyone want to complete that and help making that good?)

Draggable scrollbars!

Finally, scroll bounds when scrolling down!

There's now also a (draggable) scrollbar in the script editor

You can now re-place script boxes without problems

If you try to place a gravity line in a wall (which can't be done), it won't be added to the entity count.

Crash when pressing Ctrl+P/right clicking the start point tool after deleting the start point by shift+right clicking fixed

You can now undo/redo entity additions/removals! (except for the start point)

It's now possible to use multiple text colors on a line in the help/level notes/plugin descriptions, see the Formatting page in the help for more information. There are also some more colors available (cyan and yellow).

b10 (2016-07-27)


Fixed crash when going to a non-integer line in the script editor using the "Go to line" function, and some other issues with this.

"Search" button in the script editor finally works. Ctrl+F works to access it too, and F3 works to jump to the next instance of the search term (so you don't have to open the dialog again every time)

Ctrl+G can now be used to go to a line in the script editor

Added clickable buttons for the undo feature, the redo feature and the compare levels feature (formerly only accessible by ctrl+Z, ctrl+Y and ctrl+D respectively)

"Debug mode" is now disabled by default. (But if you, for some reason, want, you can still access it by going from the load screen to the Ved options, clicking and holding the OK button, and "dragging" over the Send Feedback button holding the right mouse button as well. Or you could use a plugin, or edit main.lua)

Added some hooks

Fixed flag names with characters like - or % not being handled correctly

The script editor now automatically adds a space to lines in scripts that have a colon as the last character (unless s.dontpreventscriptsplits is true)

You can now split and duplicate scripts. (Do not split internal scripts yet, however)

b9 (2016-07-19)


You can now rename scripts (but not yet uses of its name)

Moved some functions around in the code, so if you made a plugin and it broke, that's probably why. Most important changes are moving of script-related functions from func.lua to scriptfunc.lua, moving of a couple of search-related functions to searchfunc.lua, I moved some room-related things that were in func.lua to roomfunc.lua, and some state drawing code is now moved from main2.lua to separate files drawscripteditor.lua, drawlevelslist.lua, drawsearch.lua, drawmap.lua and drawhelp.lua.

In addition to the internal scripting load script warning (see b8 changelog), there's now also a warning in the editor if a terminal/script box is pointing directly to the current internal script.

Pressing ctrl+right in the script editor when you're on a line with an iftrinkets/ifflag/etc now lets you jump to that script (like when clicking the existing "Go to" button). In addition, pressing ctrl+left now lets you go one step back to where you came from! This means it is now much easier to follow through large structures of different scripts See this image

You can now check where a certain script is used (in which rooms, and in which other scripts)

b8 (2016-06-30)


Opening a completely empty script (with 0 lines) now no longer crashes Ved

Made the "Map image saved" message clearer, it now says which folder the screenshot is saved to. In the meantime, discovered and fixed a partial incompatibility of the map image saving feature with LÖVE 0.10.x, caused by a terrible way of coding. (clicking the save button normally worked, as well as right clicking to save a full-sized image, but right clicking and saving a normal-sized image still had non-updated 0.9-only code).

Fixed the mess with going to scripts in different ways not always handling internal scripting mode correctly and/or not bumping scripts (topic=2807.0)

Fixed crash that occurred when typing "flag", "ifflag" or "customifflag" in a script without anything after it, then returning. (ia=103995)

Added warning that shows if you've turned on internal scripting mode without having made a load script. Also some text in the help about this. (topic=2914.msg53670) (ia=102880)

Trying to open a level with bad/corrupt room metadata now no longer crashes Ved. (ia=104495)

Typing a non-integer level size no longer crashes Ved. (ia=104496)

Fixed spikes tool in multi mode (ia=102271) (topic=2707.0) (topic=2807.msg51374)

b7 (2016-05-31)


"Existing room text we were editing is nil" should now be fixed (ia=103762)

You can now cycle backwards through tilesets, tilecols and enemy types by holding shift (ia=103479)

You can now create 1x1 script boxes again (currently not also known as "triggers") (ia=103378)

b6 (2016-05-10)


Added a quick go to room thing where you can press Q and type in room coordinates as a four-digit number to jump to that room (for example, to go to 18,5 quickly, type Q1805)

Lab and Warp Zone tilesets now no longer remove backgrounds. (ia=103306)

The room copying and swapping tools next to the map now show a message about what to do.

b5 (2016-05-07)


Scrollbars are still not working even though I made a start with them

Fixed the nasty saving bug that b4 had

b4 (2016-05-05)


The shortcuts M, ctrl+P, [ and ] are now disabled while editing a room name (so you don't suddenly go to the map whenever you type an M)

If you load a level correctly, then go to the loading screen and try loading a level that doesn't exist, then go back to the editor, Ved will no longer crash.

Added the ability to compare two levels with each other to show what the differences between them are! (Press ctrl/cmd+D when the newer version of the level is loaded). Comparing differences for flag names and level notes still needs to be implemented.

You can now no longer place two entities of the same type on top of each other by just clicking, because it can happen accidentally and go unnoticed. You can still place them on top of each other by editing their properties.

Any % characters in text will now no longer be lost when saving levels

Edit: Please do not save levels with this version, as you will lose all your room metadata and scripts!

b3 (2016-04-29)


If you try to load a level that doesn't exist now, you won't be able to go "back" to the editor and crash Ved by doing that.

Bug where you'd get the message "The old start point can no longer be found!" when trying to place the start point fixed.

You can now go to the map by pressing M

Mode for smaller resolution (Pandora) now works partially (you'll need to edit the config file). Hold ctrl for the left tools menu in this mode.

Whenever Ved crashes, you can now (attempt to) save the level you were working on after the crash!

b2 (2016-04-23)


It is now possible for plugins to find and replace internal Ved code, for maximum plugin flexibility! See this page for more information.

It should now no longer be possible that flag names are being assigned flag numbers that are also being used in that script for the first time.

Error screen now also shows versions of plugins

b1 (2016-04-21)


If you use the "Go to line" button in the script editor, you'll no longer be unable to continue editing the script.

If a level fails integrity checks, the dialog now displays up to the first 5 errors that were encountered.

Once again, the crash screen is now more stable

In hindsight, "Syntax HL: off" looks good enough on the button if the text is shifted one pixel to the right (I guess I'll change that everywhere for graphical reasons (character width, and the fact that capital letters are less likely to appear at the end of a label than at the start))

PageUp and PageDown can now be used to scroll quickly! (If you were relying on PageDown to change the FPS limit: use rctrl+PageDown now) PageUp and PageDown also move the cursor, but you can make the cursor and the actual scrolling get out of sync.

Forgot to remove the resizable option from the internal config, so now you can resize the window freely. Oops I guess.

a60 (2016-04-16)


The current column is now displayed in the script editor (ia=97613)

Scripts can finally be deleted (ia=102199)

Unexpected scripting lines before having encountered the first script name due to failed manual level edits now no longer crashes Ved

Fixed gravity lines and warp lines going through walls in multi mode (topic=1719.msg46416). This fix also, somehow, fixed a crash that occurred when trying to place a gravity/warp line at the very top of a room with multi mode.

"Syntax HL off" and "Syntax HL on" changed to "Syntax HL: Y" and "Syntax HL: N" for clarity

Larger text size in the script editor is now supported.

You can now move warp token entrances/exits

You can now jump to a given line number in the script editor

If you save a level (except when you quicksave), there will now be a text box for the level name/title, because it's a bit easy to forget to fill it in and get a levels list with dozens of "Untitled Level"s, and if you have a version/revision number in your level name it'll be easier to update it now

The crash screen should now be less susceptible to crashing. Yes, indeed.

You can now swap rooms with the button next to the map.

You can now search for text in level notes! (But clicking on the results will not take you to the correct note yet unless it's the first)

a59 (2016-04-11)


"Fixed" some of the hooks that couldn't read the arguments of their parent functions (like key for the hook love_keypressed_start, and extradata for func_loadstate)

Added s.acceptutf8 that nobody will really need (allows non-ASCII characters (that VVVVVV doesn't support well) to be used in other places than just the level notes)

Crash screen now lists plugins

The currently selected tile is now indicated in the tile selectors.

You can now show the full-screen tiles picker ("Show all") by holding down left ctrl/cmd and left shift! While holding that you can now also select a tile with your arrow keys.

A bug where the first line of internal scripts would be duplicated whenever you closed the script should now be fixed.

a58 (2016-03-31)


Internal scripting mode now automatically accounts for the say() blocks needed for internal scripting mode when there are more than 49 lines of internal scripting. Please test this before using, and report if anything weird is going on!

It is now possible to develop plugins for Ved! More info on this page:

If your levels folder has so many levels that they go through the "Load this level:" input, you can finally see what you're typing.

a57 (2016-03-15)


You can now press ctrl/cmd+N to make a new level instead of moving your mouse cursor to the icon with a paper and a green plus sign, and clicking on it.

Internal scripting mode now supported! Answers to possible questions:
• Just turn on the mode for a script and start typing in internal scripting, and Ved will take care of the text(1,0,0,4) and such in the background.

• Typing loadscript(stop) is not needed, Ved will also do that.

• You can put blank lines in your internal scripting (Except in text boxes for now, because you'll see a line with a # instead, I need to do some testing)

• You will have to make a load script yourself, so directly referencing the script from a terminal or script box will not work. In a later version this will be detected so there can be a warning.

• Example screenshot: /kcKe2PM.png

• Apparently, internal scripts with more than 49 lines still cause problems. I'll try to find a solution for that, but if you don't want to wait, you could always split the scripts and use customiftrinkets().

a56 (2016-03-09)


Made a part of the options in the right click menu in the scripts list work.

If you want to open am external script from a file in Ved now, you can (state 22 for scripts from the 3DS version (with lines separated by dollar signs), state 23 for a script file with normal line endings)

If you load a level while editing one, you no longer "go all the way back to the levels list" after having a confirmation dialog that you'll lose unsaved changes, now you can simply go back to the editor in case you pressed the load button by accident. This also makes the confirmation dialog redundant so it has been removed. (ia=100415) Known bug: Trying to load a level that does not exist + trying to go back to the editor → rip

Typed letters in the editor showing up when loading a level should now be fixed (ia=100388)

Music number box in the level options replaced by a dropdown with all the song names. If you prefer to use song numbers, click on/tab to the dropdown and just type the song number.

The button to show/hide enemy and platform bounds now works.

The rescuable crewmate tool now has a "random" option.

Fixed saving map images in LÖVE 0.10 (They've changed things around in 0.10) (topic=1719.msg45342)

a55 (2016-02-12)


Added a new second automatic mode, where the tiles autocorrect only affects blocks in the currently selected tileset and tilecol, for making rooms with multiple tilesets using automatic mode. It is called multi-tileset mode (or multi mode) (topic=1719.msg45151 and onwards).

Made a help article detailing the tileset placement modes.

a54 (2016-01-31)


On the map, when copying one room to another, two rooms were already considered to be at the same coordinates if either the X coordinate or the Y coordinate was the same. This has been fixed.

You can now choose to display room coordinates as starting at 0.

When you have a certain tool activated, re-pressing its shortcut (1-0, R-P) will now set the subtool to the first one, in case you want to start drawing single blocks of wall while another wall subtool is active, for example

ZXC shortcuts also added to the checkpoint, conveyor, moving platform, enemy and gravity line tools

If you lock the cursor X/Y with [ or ] now, the path the cursor can take is shown like this:

Script names on terminals and script boxes will now not run/be displayed off-screen when it is at the top/right edge of a room

The full horizontal and vertical brush tools have the shortcuts H and B now, respectively.

a53 (2016-01-29)


Fixed text to the right of the cursor getting hidden when editing a room name

Improved/fixed automatic scrolling of the tools when you use shortcuts (1-0, R-P and < >)

Z, X and C shortcuts now work for the spike tool as well.

Fixed the squares spawning in the center of the all-direction warping background

Script boxes now have a dashed line as a border

Started with the feature to resize script boxes with the mouse, expect script boxes to still change locations a bit weirdly and/or even jump off-screen if you resize them, and you pretty much need to be in warp line mode if you don't want other things to get placed down while resizing

Fixed two tab characters (looking like Fontstruct blocks) getting added to the default contents for new level notes

a52 (2016-01-23)


If you're placing tiles in manual/direct mode now, the tile number of the selected tile will be displayed at the cursor.

Home and End now work to jump to the start/end of a line of text you're editing

The Z X C V shortcuts are now shown next to the corresponding wall/background subtool icons.

Editing a room name and typing ",", ".", "<" or ">" will no longer switch tools.

When copying a room via the map, the displayed total entity count should now be accurate.

Fixed a kind of nasty bug where Ved would flood its memory and simply close (even without custom crash screen) when you try to copy a room to the same room using the map copy tool, and that room has entities (now you simply can't do that)

When you copy a room to the clipboard, room names will now get copied over as well (commas are substituted by ´ (accent aigu) in the copied data) (ia=100450)

Spikes at the top/bottom of the screen that appear to continue offscreen now don't attach themselves to the edge of the room, to make it consistent with the behavior of VVVVVV's automatic tile placement mode.

The amount of scripts is now displayed next to the scripts list.

a51 (2016-01-22)


Added backgrounds for warping rooms. You can also see the grid. (It uses tiles2 like VVVVVV does for the horizontal/vertical warping, and the "all directions" animation only needs a small improvement (only half of the squares starts as a pixel, the other half starts as a block in which a pixel starts)

Added a screen listing all flags, and whether they're used or not.

You can now give flags names and use those in scripts! You can also just make up flag names in scripts, and Ved will automatically associate them with flag numbers. Flag names can contain any printable ASCII character except (, ), ,, and space, and mustn't just consist of digits. If you want to open a script and see the flag numbers instead of names for that time, hold shift while opening it. The flag numbers will be displayed as kind of a comment at the end of lines with flag names in a later version.

Implemented new crash screen, where you can press ctrl/cmd+C to copy the error message and some details to the clipboard, and where you can still see the screen from before the crash. Example. In future versions, I'll probably implement a button that allows you to attempt to save the currently loaded level, so even if Ved crashes you wouldn't lose your progress. Note: If Ved simply closes itself at any point, please tell me!

You can now cancel cancelable dialogs with escape, and answer yes/no dialogs with the Y/N keys.

a50 (2016-01-06)


You can now lock the X and Y position of your mouse by holding down [ (for locking Y, for drawing horizontal lines more easily) or ] (for locking X, for vertical lines)

Auto-adjusting of warp lines and gravity lines now also works correctly for rooms other than 1,1.

a49 (2016-01-05)


Added a help page about the formatting codes that can be used in level notes.

Enemy/platform bounds are now displayed, and can be modified (in an unstraightforward way, I must admit, you can modify the bounds by either expanding or shrinking the bounds with the arrow keys, I'll probably add a cursor way later because this interface may feel like it only belongs in a desktop monitor OSD). Press the delete key while editing bounds to delete them. (ia=100504)

I still need to improve the automatic tool scrolling

a48 (2016-01-03)


Clicking while there's a dialog on the screen in the editor no longer adds entries (where nothing happens) to the undo history

Fixed issues with input for dialog textboxes not getting stopped when canceling the dialog (for example, pressing the button to create a new script, clicking Cancel, and then trying to paste text would result in a crash, and canceling while editing a script would render you unable to continue typing in it)

Buttons for enemy/platform bounds, enemy type and platform speed are now displayed underneath the room options buttons and only when the enemy/moving platform tools are active. This makes sense and creates space for more room-related buttons. F3, F4 and F5 still work as they did before. There are now temporary filler labels.

The F1, F2, F3, F10 and W shortcuts (tileset, tilecol, enemy type, auto/manual tile placement and warp direction respectively) now display a message about the action at the bottom

a47 (2016-01-02)


When you rotate rooms, all entities now rotate with it correctly! (Well, as far as possible, terminals and crewmates can't be flipped but I'm not letting myself be stopped from implementing a rotation function by that) (ia=100445 part 2)

In addition to gravity lines, warp lines now automatically adjust to the room tiles as well.

Y fixed as script box shortcut

a46 (2016-01-01)


Warp Gravity lines now automatically adjust to tiles being added or removed in their way.

You can now rotate rooms 180°, not yet their entities though. (ia=100445)

a45 (2015-12-31)


Fixed a crash bug when opening a script with flag commands in them (topic=1719.msg44253)

You can now undo and redo tiles! (ia=100414) (cmd+shift+Z will be added later for Mac) (You can cause glitches by doing stuff like undoing while drawing, or moving rooms while drawing, this will be fixed later. Nothing to do with entities can be un/redone yet.)

a44 (2015-12-30)


Fixed a crash bug when going back to the scripts list after leaving an already empty script empty

The copy function next to the map now works properly (it no longer copies rooms by reference), and copies entities properly now! It just doesn't remove entities that were in the room that gets overwritten.

You can now switch tools with < and > (, and .) and switch subtools with ctrl+< and ctrl+> (the usual ctrl-is-cmd-on-mac applies)

Did I accidentally break support for both OS X and Linux in a43 by forgetting some debugging stuff in the main code related to the command prompt code page? I did. (Anyone having an emergency and needing to use that version of Ved on those platforms right now during the minutes a44 remains unreleased: the error message points at precisely what to remove and where)

a43 (2015-12-29)


The levels list from cmd is now interpreted as CP850 and converted to UTF-8.

You can now cut rooms to the clipboard with ctrl+X/cmd+X. (ia=100387)

Pressing up or shift+tab now starts at the bottom in the levels list. (ia=100351)

a42b (2015-12-28)


Fixed editor shortcuts (1-0 and R-P)

a42 (2015-12-27)


Added compatibility with LÖVE 0.10.x

The version of LÖVE is now displayed in the title bar in debug mode (which is still always on), if you get a bug/crash from now on, please include the version of LÖVE Ved runs on.

In warping rooms, the regular lines indicating tiles in adjacent rooms are now replaced by blue lines indicating tiles in the same room, on the warping sides (ia=100352)

You can now copy and paste single rooms! Press ctrl+C/cmd+C in the editor to copy the tiles of the current room and the room data (tileset and those kinds of things) to the clipboard. Press ctrl+V/cmd+V in a room to paste this. Your system clipboard is used, so you can paste the data of a room anywhere. Entities will not (yet) be copied. (ia=99535, topic=1719.msg44073)

a41b (2015-12-25)


Fixed moving the cursor left through non-ASCII characters (I had it working, then I implemented the flashing cursor which broke it)

Saving a script or note with text still to the right of the cursor now doesn't make that text disappear

a41 (2015-12-25)


You can now move your typing cursor across the line and type/delete in the middle of a text, wherever you can type (not yet in dialogs) (also ia=97613). Being able to move between lines with left and right will be added soon.

Non-ASCII characters can now be typed in the level notepad, since VVVVVV doesn't seem to have any problem with UTF-8 anymore, even when re-saving in VVVVVV (VVVVVV displays question marks instead of non-ASCII characters but saving them leaves them intact)

The typing cursor now flashes, mostly because you can now move it to the left of a line

Trying to open a level with a metadata entity, but without any notes now no longer crashes Ved. (topic=1719.msg44074)

You can now also use shift+tab to go up in the levels list (instead of just the up key).

Fixed the possibility to switch rooms while typing a roomname and to apply the changed roomname to some other room

a40 (2015-12-24)


Double spaces are now encoded as `_ in the metadata entity, to make sure they are preserved when the level is saved with VVVVVV.

The level loading list has been improved, when you start typing it now only displays level names that start with what you type and you can also press tab/up/down to select a level from the list.

Ved should now no longer crash when you enter blank entity properties.

Ved now no longer crashes when placing the top left of a script box, then removing the entity and then placing the bottom right.

a39 (2015-12-23)


Placing an entrance warp token, then deleting it and trying to place another one no longer crashes Ved (topic=1719.msg43961)

Added a level notepad feature, which saves notes in the level itself. This is the first feature to make use of the metadata entity (a roomtext entity in 21,21 which can store an unlimited amount of data used by Ved while costing only 1 out of the maximum of 3000 entities)

Clicking "Edit script" on a terminal or script box where the script doesn't exist now gives a warning instead of crashing Ved.

a38b (2015-12-22)


Scripts are now saved in the correct order

a38 (2015-12-17)


Pressing ctrl+S or cmd+S now displays a "Saving..." message until the level has been saved (ia=100158)

Pressing E to change the room name will no longer add that E at the end of the room name

Fixed spaces in commands with ifflag, iftrinkets, customifflag and customiftrinkets in the script editor breaking the "Go to script" feature (for example ifflag(2, test) would make it fail to work (ia=100159 sort of)

The "go to script" (command context) feature will now also work on lines that belong to text boxes because it's needed for internal scripting and it wouldn't be a problem if the script editor displays "go to" buttons in dialogue text if someone deliberately wrote one of the select commands as the first word on a line (ia=100159)

Added help button to level loading screen

a37 (2015-12-13)


Pressing ctrl+S (or cmd+S on Mac) now quicksaves the level. (ia=100019)

You can now press escape to return from the map, scripts list, script editor, help and search.

You can now create a new script using the button in the script editor as well (not to be confused with the script list)

Added support for outside backgrounds in automatic tile placement mode (ia=98048)

a36b (2015-11-18)


Pressing S now also gives you the save dialog instead of the save screen. (ia=99431)

a36 (2015-11-16)


Creating a terminal or script box (or renaming a script) now also creates the script if it doesn't exist already.

You can now create and go to scripts by clicking on the button when you're on a line with a command that references a script name (like ifflag) in the script editor.

To save a level, you now get a dialog instead of a screen you can't get out of without pressing F12! :D

a35 (2015-11-05)


Holding Z, X, C or V and then changing the tool before releasing it can no longer mess up subtools of tools other than wall and background (you could set the subtool out of range which has no effect for most tools, except the script box and warp token tools which rely on it)

Fixed switch tileset and tileset color buttons not working

Ctrl+P (or cmd+P on Mac) is now a shortcut for going to the room with the start point (ia=98923)

When pressing tab or shift+tab, you no longer need to have a text box already selected (ia=98923)

Integrity checks now output to the console what checks are failing, to aid debugging

a34 (2015-10-30)


Fixed some issues with interrupting roomtext/script name input (ia=98028)

Improved integrity checks when opening a level, fixing ia=98725

You can now go to the room containing the start point by right-clicking on the start point tool.

You can now use the tab key to cycle between input boxes in level options and entity options. And of course shift+tab to cycle backwards.

The settings/options can finally be saved and you can return to the previous state without having to use F12. Also, you can change the scale between 1 and 2 from inside Ved now, but make sure that your display is big enough, or you may have to find the config file.

a32b (2015-10-08)


Someone reported lag and had about 170 FPS, so I added an FPS cap which can be toggled between no limit, 60, 30 and 15 (which is already capped at 60 on many systems) to see if that is an improvement

(NOTE: the version is displayed as a33 in Ved)

a32 (2015-09-25)


Ved now has most if not all of VVVVVV's editor shortcuts! This means you can now also use Z and X for the 3x3 and 5x5 brushes. (Except there's one annoying bug with the E (roomname) shortcut, namely that it will add a letter "e" in the roomname. And I didn't add shift+arrow keys yet.)

a31 (2015-09-24)


The spike expand tool can now also erase a row of spikes

All tilesets+colors now have the correct spikes

The window icon now corresponds to the chosen tool (I suspect this might somehow be slow on some systems, so I'll add a config option for it.)

Added images functionality to the help system, and used it to make most of the tools article.

a30 (2015-09-21)


The help screen now has a return button

Multiline pasting now works properly in the script editor!

Spikes can finally be placed in automatic mode, and all spike tools are supported now!

a29 (2015-09-17)


Ved now only accepts ASCII/single byte Unicode when typing text, to help prevent crashes in VVVVVV

Started with scrollbars.

Added ctrl/shift+scroll shortcut to switch main tools (it will make the list scroll later)

Fixed adding scripts to loaded levels crashing Ved (ia=97745)

Attempting to load a non-existant level is now no longer a fatal error

a28 (2015-09-11)


Map fixed in scaled Ved

Added more to the help, like a partially complete internal commands reference and an article with lists of song/sound numbers, entities, colors and gamestates (which I still need to edit parts of)

Added middle click for eyedropper to manual/direct mode (ia=97647)

Added most entity right click menu options

Tile numbers now no longer show up if you press N while editing roomtext/script name

Added some integrity checks when a level is loaded, this will try to automatically fix errors later.

Fixed searching certain characters, or an empty string, resulting in freezes or crashes. (ia=97683)

Added fill room tool (beware, there's no undo yet)

Added a certain thing

a27 (2015-09-08)


Increased the line spacing on the help pages by one entire pixel per line

The font is now no longer blurry when the window is scaled

Warp tokens can now be placed!

Script boxes can now be placed too! It doesn't yet create scripts automatically though.

a26 (2015-09-07)


Automatic mode now supports backgrounds (except outside, and cycling to a tileset without backgrounds will make the backgrounds in the room go away)

Help feature added! The documentation is still unfinished though (anyone wanna help?), but there's a complete simplified scripting reference.

Added full support for scaling, you can set it by changing the config.

a25 (2015-09-05)


Enemies can now be placed, and their direction is indicated.

The last script should now no longer get a line too much when saving. (ia=97411)

The rainbow background for the lab is now selectable (manual/direct mode only)

Viridian (start point) can now also look to the left.

You can now place terminals! (And terminals and script boxes will now indicate script names.) It will not yet create scripts automatically though, so you'll need to create new scripts separately. You can also edit the script name for a script box.

a24 (2015-08-31)


Added a version check

You can now save fullsize map images! Just right click the save button and select the second option. You can now copy rooms and their entities, but beware, it's as unfinished and glitchy as it can be!

Manual/direct mode now shows which tile is selected

Caught up more with the localization feature

Warp lines are finally displayed and can be placed!

New levels now get the same tilecol by default everywhere as in VVVVVV, instead of space station tilecol 0 everywhere.

Empty roomtext now gets removed

Platforms are now colored correctly and have indications for what types of platforms they are.

Moving platforms and conveyors can now be placed!

a23 (2015-08-24)


Enemies are now shown with their correct sprite, and enemy types can be changed for rooms.

Added a Send Feedback button

Added full Linux support.

a22b (2015-08-19)


Fixed the fact that right clicking could place entities

Some stability improvements

Better support for levels made in VVVVVV 2.0

The color of a selected script line past line 500 is now light red instead of white.

a22 (2015-08-19)


Missing crewmates and the start point now have the correct color

Ved will now ask before quitting to make sure you don't accidentally lose unsaved content. This can be turned off.

Added most of the support for Linux, for now it'll use new universal love.filesystem functions that will be a fallback in case LÖVE will run on systems other than Windows, OS X or Linux.

Nobody probably noticed it but if you removed the start point you couldn't place it anymore, this has now been fixed.

Cursor pixel coordinates are now also displayed.

Some optimizations

Platform speed (platv) can now be set.

Crewmates can finally be placed.

You can now switch between automatic mode and manual mode (undirect mode and direct mode if you're used to that).

There have been many improvements to tileset handling, you can now switch tilesets and colors, and all tilesets and colors have been added!

The eraser works better

You can now create new scripts

a21 (2015-08-13)


FPS handling is now better (if you have a low FPS the dialog animations shouldn't go at 1 pixel per frame anymore)

The search feature can now find room names!

You can now click on search results to go directly to what you're looking for.

The options screen now sort of works for boolean values, it doesn't save to the settings file yet though. And there's no return button yet so you have to F12 out of it.

a20 (2015-08-10)


Fixed some script editor bugs

The search feature is starting to be useful

Undirect mode (automatic mode) is now working! It's locked in one tileset though, I first need to add all the tilesets and make them switchable

a19 (2015-08-09)


You can now paste wherever you can input text

The script editor has improved a lot, and now actually works and saves.

Syntax highlighting can be turned off

a18 (2015-08-08)


You can now hover over rooms on the map to display their coordiantes and name, and click on them to go there.

The script list now more or less works! The script editor will however not yet save anything.

Saving shrunken levels should now be fixed

You can finally create a new blank map

Fixed F12 in state 1

Custom spriteset will now be loaded

a17 (2015-08-07)


The tiles picker now displays solidity

Gravity lines can now be placed

Roomnames can now be edited

Added indicators of tiles in adjacent rooms

Room warp direction can now be changed

Added a map feature! You'll be able to click on the rooms and perform actions on them, view their room name etc, later! You can save the map as an image (which has bars on both sides but that doesn't matter for now).

It will now automatically load custom tileset images if they exist (mods)

Ved now starts in state 6, but you can press F12 to change (except it stopped working in the editor for some reason)

a16 (2015-08-06)


Added tool shortcuts (same as in VVVVVV, namely 1234567890RTYUIOP). The auto-scrolling will improve, though

Level options!

It's now a config option whether you want to be able to bypass limits, instead of it being possible by default.

Roomnames are now displayed!

Scrolling for subtools is now flipped on Mac because of the way scrolling works on Mac, and can be reversed with config.

The spawn point can now be placed, and it will remove the old one.

a15 (2015-08-05)


Added trinket and crewmate counts

If you try to add a 21st trinket, it will now warn you (though I think it should take a little more willpower to break the limit than just pressing "Yes")

Added some buttons for options that will work later

a14 (2015-08-04)


Made some subtools work, and the cursor shapes correctly now according to the used tool

a13 (2015-08-03)


Added a the buttons for most of the coming subtools, they don't work yet, though, and some of the icons have temporary art.

Added a way to change the path to the levels folder via config, for now it's a config file found at %appdata%\LOVE\ved\settings.lua

a12 (2015-08-02)



a11d (2015-08-01)



a11c (2015-08-01)



a11b (2015-08-01)



a11 (2015-08-01)



a10 (2015-08-01)



a9 (2015-08-01)



a8 (2015-07-31)



a7 (2015-07-31)



a6 (2015-07-30)



a5c (2015-07-29)



a5b (2015-07-29)



a5 (2015-07-29)



a4 (2015-07-29)



a3 (2015-07-25)



a2 (2015-07-25)



a1 (2015-07-23)


First released version