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Author Topic: tOLP2 teaser!  (Read 3560 times)

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fine then
« Reply #20 on: May 6, 2014, 05:09:42 PM »
i wasn't even using an alt code

i was copy pasting
Oh. Okay.

But the video is still blurry.


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Re: tOLP2 teaser!
« Reply #21 on: May 7, 2014, 06:06:31 PM »
predicting thread locked

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Re: tOLP2 teaser!
« Reply #22 on: May 7, 2014, 06:12:19 PM »
predicting thread locked
please everyone
just discuss the traits of the trailer that are not blurriness
like wow verisix is back
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Re: tOLP2 teaser!
« Reply #23 on: May 7, 2014, 06:29:01 PM »
the quality doesn't bother me at all
anyways wow holy shit verisix is back i cannot believe that [/sarcasm]
anyways, nice trailer. i dunno if the text at the end got cut off (since it says 'the Open Level Project' and not 'the Open Level Project 2') but if it did then... eh.
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Chatlogs 'n stuff
I hate you
(Kayya) - it hates you, thats why
Doormat: i hate you
(Kayya) - thank you
Doormat: np
Dammit Tap
(Steam Chat)
Kayya: okay
Kayya: this dutch person keeps saying okay too much and its rubbing off of me
Kayya: he knows english like, really good but he says okay alot
Tap: okay
Kayya: tAP
Tap: i had to take that opportunity
Kayya: dammit tap
Tap: hahahaha
Dammit Tap, Sky Recruit edition
(Steam Chat)
Kayya: budduh, budder, budder, peanut butter budder
Tap: too much butter is not healthy yo
Kayya: not for a sky recruit
Tap: i guess you could say... the sky's the limit.
Kayya: dammit tap
Caus he's hot and he's...
(Steam Chat)
Kayya: i was going to say "hot like excerpts talk icon?"
Tap: dang
Kayya: what
Tap: i'm just thinking about what his facepic was
Tap: it's cool
Kayya: yes
Tap: it's cool and hot?? but how
Kayya: caus hes hot and hes cold, hes yes and hes
Kayya: ill stop there
C-C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker?
Samario: :D
(Kayya) - :D
Dav999: :D
(Kayya) - :D
(Kayya) - D:
(Kayya) - you were the first one to combo break
(Kayya) - so HA!
Doormat is now Toaster
(Kayya) - the only person i know that is not american is dav
(Kayya) - (besides tap)
Dav999: And Toaster?
Dav999: And Terry?
(Kayya) - i dont remember about toaster
Doormat: ok I lied, I AM toaster
Doormat: *american
Dav999: haha
(Kayya) - doormat is toaster
Excus'a me?
Jony: Too fat for the naked eye
Sonic: XD
Sonic: Mario is too fat.
EVENT :: Unregistered user Mario has entered the room
Mario: Excus'a me?
EVENT :: Unregistered user Mario has left the room
Jony: hey
Jony: I got an idea for a meme that I'm sure will catch on
(Kayya) - what
Jony: I know it
(Kayya) - what
Jony: It's adding levels to inanimate objects
(Kayya) - what
Jony: I'll introduce it in a rage comic
(Kayya) - what
Jony: like this
(Kayya) - what
Jony: stahp
Jony: pls
(Kayya) - what
Jony: thx
(Kayya) - what?
Jony: Please stop typing the word "what" and then pressing enter untill I have completed my explanation
Jony: ok?
(Kayya) - ...
Dav999: ^
Samario: OPDhn;;;rthgklhpoiytrkpt,h5
Dav999: ....
(Kayya) - ^
Jony: why don't you just start like any other beginner would and just mess with stuff
Jony: but do it better than me
(Kayya) - nope
Doormat: WYNAUT
Jony: yeah
Jony: y naught
(Kayya) - because SHUT UP WOULD YOU
Doormat: ok
Jony: yes
blue441:      Ah, now I get why it doesn't do the chat sound most of the times!
(Kayya) - because you have the chat open?
blue441:      If you have the chat window open, it doesn't do it!
blue441: You ninja's me
(Kayya) - haha, ninja'd
(Kayya) - ninja's?
blue441: Yes I meant d
(Kayya) - you ninja'd me saying that i ninja'd you
Jony: ninjas
Jony: both of you are ninjas
(Kayya) - yes
blue441: And so is Dav999. He ninja'd me various times
(Kayya) - so is samario
Passive-Aggressive Dav
(Dav999) - Now let's shut up over a nice cup of tea and some biscuits
(Kayya) - typing hi is easier to type the wb so i usually type hi more then i type wb
(Kayya) - *then
Dav999: *than
(Kayya) - *shutup
Dav999: *no
(Kayya) - *ok
Taco bel-er, time
blue441: Also, it is more of a AFK since it lasted an hour
(Kayya) - well i dont count the time it takes for me to go to taco bell and back >:P
(Kayya) - wait it was taco time
Quote: he chets
(Kayya) - chets
Quote: ya
Quote: he chets
Doormat: chets?
Quote: chets
Doormat: chets?
Quote: chetrs chet
Curly_Brace: chets?
ayellowperson: chets
Dav999: CHEATS
Doormat: Game Genie cheats
Quote: yea, chets
I can't kick myself, silly
Anonymous: KICK HER
(Kayya) - kick who?
Anonymous: wait
Doormat: Kayya?
blue441: LOL
Jony: pf
(Kayya) - i cant kick myself, silly!
super quote bros
18:53:26 - Doormat: if i made an smb rom hack
18:53:32 - Doormat: that replaced mario with quote
18:53:35 - Doormat: would you play t
18:53:37 - Doormat: *it
18:53:55 - (Kayya) - maybe
18:54:07 - Doormat: and peach with curly
18:54:15 - (Kayya) - defiantly
18:04:02 - EVENT :: Unregistered user trumpet has entered the room
18:04:08 - EVENT :: Unregistered user violin  has entered the room
18:04:08 - (Kayya) - you
18:04:09 - EVENT :: Unregistered user another_trumpet has entered the room
18:04:10 - (Kayya) - what
18:04:13 - EVENT :: Unregistered user big_drum  has entered the room
18:04:14 - EVENT :: Unregistered user Jony  has entered the room
18:04:18 - (Kayya) - JOOOOONY
Kayya sucks at art: Doormat edition

15:16:12 - Doormat: your art is so bad
15:16:16 - Doormat: that i puke
15:16:23 - Doormat: all over my computer
15:16:26 - (Kayya) - okay
15:16:32 - Doormat: and have to go to the doctor
15:16:38 - Doormat: because i puked so much
15:16:42 - (Kayya) - okay
15:16:44 - Doormat: i puked out my internal organs
15:16:50 - Doormat: because your art is so damn bad
15:16:57 - (Kayya) - okay
15:17:05 - Doormat: it's so bad
15:17:12 - Doormat: it's even worse than the xbox one
15:17:14 - (Kayya) - okay.
15:17:18 - Doormat: and family guy put together
15:17:31 - Doormat: it gave me cancer
15:17:35 - (Kayya) - okay
15:17:43 - Doormat: and it gave me depression
15:17:47 - Doormat: i started smoking
15:17:53 - (Kayya) - okay
15:17:53 - Doormat: i got lung cancer
15:17:57 - Doormat: and i died
15:18:01 - (Kayya) - okay!
15:18:05 - Doormat: that's how bad your art i
15:18:07 - Doormat: xdddddd
15:18:10 - Doormat: no i'm joking
15:18:13 - Doormat: your art is good
15:18:14 - (Kayya) - aw

WEll theN
7:34 PM - Kayya: http://i.imgur.com/m5sHofR.png
7:35 PM - thejonymyster: it loaded and i kinda just went "Ruh./"
7:35 PM - Kayya: ruh
7:35 PM - thejonymyster: and my arms did a thing
7:35 PM - Kayya: what thing
7:35 PM - thejonymyster: "WEll theN"
5:55 PM - Kayya: curly did good
5:56 PM - Tap: i am going to assume she drowned in that surf
5:56 PM - Kayya: hEY
5:56 PM - Tap: you didn't have the tow rope, didn't you?
5:56 PM - Kayya: HEY
5:56 PM - Tap: >:)
15:39:26 - blue441: bak for some minutes
15:39:57 - (Kayya) - k
15:40:40 - blue441: or, better yet, screw with it, I'm outta here. Bye!
15:40:52 - EVENT :: Registered user blue441 (blue441) has left the room
15:41:26 - (Kayya) - ..wow
15:41:53 - Toaster: ^
Kayya: "use the calculator table function using the window given. use the trace function to find the point of intersection. is the calculator giving you approximate or exact calculations?" "[-18.8, 18.8, 5, -12.4, 12.4, 5]" "{y=3+0.5x" "{y=-9+2x"
Tap: i am never asking you to throw me a math question ever again
Kayya: heh

08:00:43 - Toaster: anyway time to train beldum
08:00:49 - (Kayya) - have fun
08:01:32 - (Dav999 to Kayya): You can
08:01:33 - Toaster: k meteor mash 1 level before metagross
08:01:36 - Toaster: im cool with that
08:02:03 - (Kayya) - you mean before metang?
08:02:11 - EVENT :: Unregistered user Toaster has left the room
08:02:15 - (Kayya) - ...uh?
Dav999@All: Meanwhile I'm posting something
16:16:06 - Toaster1: one of my cats does that
16:16:23 - Toaster1: speaking of my cats there's one in the trash xd

Rust: melk.
Tap: remember what happens in the gif
Rust: but i said it in the dutch waaay
Rust: i dont even live near holland anywaaays
11:59:48 - (Kayya) - did you say you would have streamed rvatg
11:59:57 - Doormat: what's rvatg
12:00:24 - Dav999: red
Dav999@All: Dammit
Dav999@All: SIGH
Dav999@All: FUCK
Dav999@All: YAY
15:09:03 - (Kayya) - just jump off the fuckin building if theres a fire
15:09:23 - Dav999: Who says you can open the windows
15:09:37 - (Kayya) - who says you cant break the windows?
You@All: oh my god its looooud
Dav999@All: wb
You@All: i knew that would happen
You@All: thank you
Rust: his butt is softcore
Tap: soft pastel butt
Rust: ~*~follow for more soft luigi butt~*~
Tap: that miiiight just not be safe for work
Rust: very slightly.
Tap: follow for soft luigi butt... AND MORE
Rust: ..more as in, soft mario butt?
Tap: yeah
Tap: and soft dreambutt
what did i just make
Rust: its like
Rust: someone killed knuckles with a bomb then his remains ended up in the monitor making factory
Rust: http://i.imgur.com/HXCJ6Vl.png
I'm taking you with me!
17:40:56 - (Kayya) - im gunna go
17:41:03 - KayyaBot ::  Bye, Kayya!
17:41:10 - (Kayya) - youre coming, too
17:41:16 - KayyaBot ::  Aw...
Great minds think alike
11:49:56 - (Kayya) - though i question how this new chat system makes sense, actually
11:50:28 - (Kayya) - like, the chat scrolls down when you type?
11:50:33 - Dav999: You mean the way Flockmod scrolls your chat when you say something- ninja'd
11:50:47 - (Kayya) - i would actually find that inconvenient
11:50:52 - Dav999: Me too
11:50:56 - (Kayya) - like, say that i was gone for a while and was re-reading the chat
11:51:04 - (Kayya) - then someone wants to ask me a question
11:51:06 - Dav999: I was gonna say exactly that
11:51:14 - (Kayya) - i type yes and then the chat scrolls ALLL the way down
11:51:19 - (Kayya) - how is that helpful
11:51:30 - Dav999: It isn't
So very excited.
<DoormatTOLP> Dav!!*!*!*!*!@&#&$(*%)(%
<Dav999_NL> Yes.
With sugar!
(Story: Dav is trying to log in on his server, and has failed multiple times before... Server = Dav)
Dav999_NL joined the game
[Server] Ok pretty please then
Dav999_NL left the game
[Server] With sugar! With sugar!
What a small world.
13:52:17 - (Kayya) - http://i.imgur.com/MJVUSPp.png why am i expected to put arguments where they are not needed.
13:59:17 - Samario: is that a generic Lua error or are we somehow both doing the same thing at the same time
13:59:37 - (Kayya) - depends, what're you doing?
13:59:40 - Samario: Unitale
13:59:44 - (Kayya) - ...so am i.
13:59:51 - Samario: Small world, isn't it
13:59:55 - (Kayya) - indeed
14:00:17 - Samario: what do you happen to be making
14:00:51 - (Kayya) - uh... a fight w/ chara. kinda stuck on some dialouge shit and i want to create custom bullet waves but idk how to
14:01:01 - Samario: ...VERY small world
14:01:11 - (Kayya) - you're doing the same thing?
14:01:30 - Samario: yes