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Author Topic: maybe we shouldnt be using the single point of failure known as cloudflare  (Read 427 times)

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just a thought, dav


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I've long been thinking we should stop using Cloudflare just because they're a free voluntary man-in-the-middle :shrug2: Technically I don't think we really need any features Cloudflare provides (except leo wanted more aggressive caching of level downloads on vsix.dev I guess, but we can probably easily find a way to keep using it for things like that) and there are a few limitations in place (for example, you can't go beyond a 100 MB upload limit unless you pay $200 per month. Nothing I plan to go over but still). I think the main reason I started using Cloudflare was because AT&T was blocking the entire host back then (because they provided a free hosting option which was subsequently often abused), and at one point they couldn't do that anymore when net neutrality rules became a thing.

For context of this topic: Cloudflare had an outage yesterday and took many sites with it including Discord. I'm personally not as worried about outages, those can happen once in a while.