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Nonsense / we're all pinecones
« on: 2 Jun 2016, 11:41 »
we're all pinecones

Nonsense / IM BAK(FST)
« on: 23 May 2016, 13:15 »

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Forum Games / The Tower (aka the Elevator Game)
« on: 7 Mar 2016, 18:31 »
This is simple. Just add a floor (or many) to the Tower, and type its details!

The first floor is referred to as Floor L. The rest of the floors are numbered 1-infinity, so visitors of the Tower know how high up they are.

Player 1: Floor L. The most active floor in the entire building, Floor L is home to a pool, ice rink, and even an arcade.
Player 2: Floors 2 through 4 are mostly hotel rooms.
(The next 2 posts remain mostly blank to keep the number of floors in sync with the post count (unless the topic has once been derailed or TOLPers demand no delays))
Player 3: Floor 5. The place where Info Teddy rants about idjits including ElliottB1 and Toroko.
And so on.

You can find posts or make your own

i'll start


Title says it all, so let's cut to the chase.

Start line

Forum Games / Meanwhile in ______...
« on: 2 Feb 2016, 10:26 »
Meanwhile in ______, ______.

Fill in the blanks.

Example: Meanwhile in Gensyoko, Bowser invoked his Scarlet form like a boss.

Forum Games / Lerta and Aaerta
« on: 25 Jan 2016, 20:05 »
Lerta and Aaerta are twins. Their personalities depend on what you decide on! Afterwards, I'll do a CYOA featuring the two!

Just don't say that they're sex enthusiasts/jewish/anything else that's offensive. I'm talking to you, Shortposter.

General Discussion / lotsa people are comin back
« on: 19 Jan 2016, 15:23 »
shortposter has returned, even though he's a total dick i've never even met
chillius' youtube channel undergone some major changes, and returned to Open Hexagon, so he's back here
finally, @kreator is unbanned

Nonsense / Favorite quotes from ANYTHING at all?
« on: 12 Jan 2016, 07:41 »
So yeah, what's your favorite quote from anything?

Here's one of mine:

If you were trying to that your precious hentai
viewer at C:\MYSTUFF\IMAGES.EXE, you would type:

Super Hexagon / Two questions in one thread.
« on: 6 Jan 2016, 07:02 »
First, does the ending still play in arcade mode? I assume this is the case, since on arcade mode, when someone beats a level for the first time, they aren't notified of it.

Second, if someone survives 120 seconds on Hexagonest on their first try, would the game immediately stop before the black-and-white area and play the normal ending, or do you keep playing?

General Discussion / im big viridian
« on: 4 Jan 2016, 08:07 »
So, AGDQ 2016 started yesterday. Anyone else watching it?

« on: 3 Jan 2016, 16:04 »
Let's play a game. We will make a 5x5 VVVVVV level, with one room per entry (level file submission). It doesn't matter what the level is about, or how hard it is. The level can follow a difficulty curve, or be just as hard as Veni Vidi Vici from the start. If you want the level to not tell you the plot beforehand, and then slowly reveal it throughout the level, that's cool. Just don't put in anything sexist. I'm talking to you, Shortposter. Not only that, but when we finish the level, we'll start another one! And another one, and another one, and another one! There will be many 'Rapid TOLP' levels if this catches on!

  • You can't post 2 entries in a row. This is the most important rule of all, as violation of this rule is also violation of TOLP2 etiquette. However, you can have 2 rooms in one entry.
  • Do not change the size of the level. The TOLP series has always never been a struggle to make, because nobody changes the size of the level.
  • When making a room, always add your name to it as roomtext. This is so we can clear up violations of rule 1.
  • The level must be linear, meaning you can only follow one route to get through the level. The recommended path for rooms is start at the top-left corner, go from left to the far right of the level, then down one room, from right to the far left of the level, then down one room again, go from left to the far right again, etc. until we reach the bottom-right corner of the level, where a crewmate, and thus, the end of the level will be.

Anyone can start. Of course, there are no limits except for the level being linear and always being 5x5.

I actually think bad spelling is kinda funny, and I hope I can be in Vultarix' YGS recreation... in a good way. If not, then :suicide:.

Nonsense / Oh, you know what would hit the spot?
« on: 28 Dec 2015, 09:07 »

General Discussion / TOLP got hacked?
« on: 16 Dec 2015, 06:36 »
Images aren't showing up. Not even emotes.

VVVVVV / FGG is doing a VVVVVV giveaway!
« on: 12 Dec 2015, 07:39 »
Just click here, comment 'ME!' on the steam announcement, and they'll pick a winner! (Assuming you don't already have the game.)

This post is for the TOLP2 users who don't have the full version of VVVVVV.

That is all. Test test. Check check. That's enough.

Title says it all.

Nonsense / CCCCCCommunity is down?
« on: 19 Oct 2015, 09:27 »
Oops, wrong forum. Can an admin move this to Nonsense please?



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