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General Discussion / Server migration (Sep 2020)
« on: 5 Sep 2020, 08:18 »
I've just migrated tolp.nl to a new server! I'm still working on getting all areas of the site working again, but that won't take long.

If you notice anything not working properly, on the forum or on different pages on this site, please tell me!

(If all goes according to plan, I'll also migrate vsix.dev in a few days, but the other admins will hear about that when it happens)

General Discussion / Discord
« on: 3 Sep 2019, 12:09 »
This topic is way overdue on this forum. But sometimes people may check back here, and not Distractionware, probably thinking the community has fallen apart. Not at all!

Nowadays we're all active on Discord, in our VVVVVV server: https://discord.gg/Zf7Nzea

Now, as for this forum, it's not going anywhere. Maybe there will be some more activity soon, since I'm thinking of starting a central page for Ved plugins, and this forum would be a logical place for discussion about individual plugins. Or perhaps we'll think of something else, who knows!

Ved / Ved's new "playtesting" feature (Ved 1.4)
« on: 3 Apr 2018, 05:24 »
So, this year's April Fools' joke was that Ved was "automatically updated" to version 1.4, featuring a new playtesting feature!

The details. If you already played it, or you're still in for a surprise, you might want to skip this part
If it isn't immediately clear during the first room of the demo level that this game feels somewhat different, it definitely becomes clear in the second room, when Viridian doesn't flip, but jump:

You'll also have noticed the three hearts in the top left corner. Each death removes a heart, making it look like the player only has three lives (the third death turns it into a death counter though, you can keep playing)

All sound effects have also been remade. And one thing that was rushed enough to mention it here, was moving platforms. Horizontally moving platforms work well when standing on them, but you can't get pushed from the side by one at all, and you can easily fall through vertically moving platforms.

The more technical details
Pretty much everything was done via the plugin system. One of the advantages of this was that it made everything way more organized, requiring only minor actual changes to the code. Another advantage is that I can easily release it as a plugin after it would stop working automatically!

The plugin files can be found in utils/internal_plugins/.

In order to reduce the chance of the joke getting out before the 1st of April, I never committed it to the repository. Though it probably would have been more fun to do everything in plain sight without getting noticed, it would've been too risky.

You can ignore the four eraser images in this screenshot, I was working on a feature that I wanted to add to 1.3.2 originally, but shashed for later. Git doesn't stash files that you never added, hence why they're still there, and they're actually in the 1.3.2 packages, too (which was not a problem for me).

I set the playtesting feature to appear on 1 April 2018 10:00 UTC (3AM PDT, 6AM EDT, 11:00 BST), and to disappear on 3 April 2018 10:00 UTC. That means it will no longer be loaded now, unless you set back your computer's clock to be in between those dates. However, if you want to keep playing, you can also re-add it as a plugin!

Quick info for Windows users (which the majority is): you can install plugins by putting them in %appdata%\ved\plugins\ (if you're using the .exe version) or %appdata%\LOVE\ved\plugins\ (if you're using the .love version). You don't have to extract the .zip. More info, and info on how to install the plugins on Mac and Linux (which is just as easy), is at the top of this page.

vis.zip - Download
This is the actual playtesting feature. "Vis" is the codename for this project. I'm planning make a repository for it, soon!

visload.zip - Download
Despite having "load" in the name, this plugin is not required. It just pops up the "Welcome to Ved 1.4" screen, changes the version number in the title bar, and includes the demo level. For the full 1.4 experience!

vis-sounds.zip - Download
Like the sound effects? You can also use them in VVVVVV! As far as I know, this is the first complete custom sound effect pack for VVVVVV. Just make a folder called sounds in your VVVVVV folder (which is in Documents on Windows), and put the .wav files in there!

P.S. It was pretty nice that I could call this version 1.4 (1 April), being at version 1.3.x. However, I'll keep numbering the next revisions as 1.3.x, and once I get to the real 1.4, you can tell them apart by knowing it'll be called 1.4.0, keeping consistent with Ved's real version numbering system.

VVVVVV / Internal commands (2017 version)
« on: 7 Sep 2017, 18:42 »
2020 update: an up-to-date list can be found at https://tolp.nl/v_intcom/

A more up-to-date reference for internal commands that doesn't use the C64 font has been requested multiple times, so I updated my little messy internal commands database webapp so that it can also output in BBCode. That means this is the same list of commands as in the Ved help.

As always, the color coding is as follows:
  • Normal - Should be safe, worst case scenario is VVVVVV crashing because you made a mistake.
  • Blue - Some of these don't work in custom levels, others don't make a lot of sense in custom levels, or are only half useful because they were really designed for the main game.
  • Orange - These work and nothing will go wrong normally, unless you give some specific arguments to them that will cause your save data to go away.
  • Red - Red commands shouldn't be used in custom levels because they will either unlock certain parts of the main game (which you shouldn't want a custom level to do, even if you say everyone has already completed the game), or corrupt the save data altogether.

I know the following commands aren't on the list yet, and there might be others I overlooked:
  • ifwarp
  • changecustommood
  • changegravity
  • activeteleporter

If you have any suggestions or corrections, please tell me!

Makes a squeak sound from a crewmate, or a terminal sound

color - cyan/player/blue/red/yellow/green/purple/terminal

Store a text box in memory with color, position and number of lines. Usually, the position command is used after the text command (and its lines of text), which will overwrite the coordinates given here, so these are usually left as 0.

color - cyan/player/blue/red/yellow/green/purple/gray
x - The x position of the text box
y - The y position of the text box
lines - The number of lines

Overrides the x,y of the text command and thus sets the position of the text box.

x - center/centerx/centery, or a color name cyan/player/blue/red/yellow/green/purple
y - Only used if x is a color name. Can be above/below

Makes a text box disappear (fade out)

Makes a text box disappear immediately (without fading out)

Shows a text box, without removing old text boxes. Also pauses the script until you press action (unless there's a backgroundtext command above it)

Shows a text box, and removes any old text box. Also pauses the script until you press action (unless there's a backgroundtext command above it)

If you put this command on the line above speak or speak_active, the game will not wait until you press action after creating the text box. This can be used to create multiple text boxes at the same time.

Changes the player's color

color - cyan/player/blue/red/yellow/green/purple/teleporter

Changes the player's color back to cyan

Changes the color of a crewmate (note: this only works with crewmates who have been created using the createcrewman command)

a - Color of crewmate to change cyan/player/blue/red/yellow/green/purple
b - Color to change to

Turns the alarm on

Turns the alarm off

Makes cutscene bars appear

Makes cutscene bars disappear

Wait until cutscene()/endcutscene() is completed

Same as ifflag(n,script) in simplified scripting

Same as customifflag, but loads an internal (main game) script

Load an internal (main game) script. Commonly used in custom levels as loadscript(stop)

Same as simplified scripting, but loads an internal (main game) script

Same as simplified scripting, but loads an internal (main game) script

Same as iftrinkets(n,script) in simplfied scripting

Same as iftrinketsless(n,script) in simplfied scripting (but remember it is broken)

Creates a crewmate (not rescuable)

mood - 0 for happy, 1 for sad
ai1 - followplayer/followpurple/followyellow/followred/followgreen/followblue/faceplayer/panic/faceleft/faceright/followposition,ai2
ai2 - required if followposition is used for ai1

Creates an entity, check the lists reference for entity numbers

n - The entity number

Makes the player huge

Back to normal

Makes the player invisible

Makes the player visible

Change the gamestate to the specified state number

teleporter to show the map, game to hide it (shows teleporters of the main game)

x - teleporter/game

Make the screen black/freezes the screen

Back to normal from blackout()

Fades the screen to black

Fades back

Instantly fade in from fadeout()

Wait until fadeout()/fadein() is completed

Change the current room to x,y, where x and y start at 0.

x - Room x coordinate, starting at 0
y - Room y coordinate, starting at 0

Change Viridian's position to x,y in this room, and f is whether you're flipped or not. (1 for flipped, 0 for not flipped)

f - 1 for flipped, 0 for not flipped (you can also use gotoposition(x,y), then you will have normal gravity by default)

Makes the screen white, you can change the time how long the screen should stay white (just flash won't work, you have to use flash(5) in combination with playef(9) and shake(20) if you want a normal flash)

x - The amount of ticks. 30 ticks is almost one second.

Start playing a song with internal song number.

x - Internal song number

Makes a jukebox terminal white and turns off the color of all the other terminals (in custom levels, it just seems to turn off the white color of all activated terminals).

Fades out the music.

Opposite of musicfadeout() (doesn't seem to work)

Stops the music immediately. Equivalent to music(0) in simplified scripting.

Opposite of stopmusic() (doesn't seem to work)

Play a sound effect.

n - Actually unused, and can be left out. In VVVVVV 1.x, this used to control the offset in milliseconds at which the sound effect started.

Changes the mood of a crewmate (only works for crewmates created with createcrewman)

colour - cyan/player/blue/red/yellow/green/purple
mood - 0 for happy, 1 for sad

Makes everybody sad (only for crewmates created with createcrewman and the player)

Changes the tile of a crewmate (you can change it to any sprite in sprites.png, and it only works for crewmates created with createcrewman)

colour - cyan/player/blue/red/yellow/green/purple/gray
tile - Tile number

Makes the face of crewmate a point to crewmate b (only works with crewmates created with createcrewman)

a - cyan/player/blue/red/yellow/green/purple/gray
b - same

Makes the specified crewmate a companion (as far as I remember, this also depends on on the location on the map)

Can change the face direction of a crewmate or the walking behaviour

crewmate - cyan/player/blue/red/yellow/green/purple
ai1 - followplayer/followpurple/followyellow/followred/followgreen/followblue/faceplayer/panic/faceleft/faceright/followposition,ai2
ai2 - required if followposition is used for ai1

Just like changeai(colour,faceleft/faceright), this changes face direction.

colour - cyan/player/blue/red/yellow/green/purple
direction - 0 is left, 1 is right

Makes the player walk the specified number of ticks

direction - left/right

Flips the gravity of a certain crewmate (it won't always work on yourself)

colour - cyan/player/blue/red/yellow/green/purple

Correct vertical positioning of multiple text boxes in flip mode

Makes the player flip to the floor if he isn't already on the floor.

Make the player flip

Makes a trinket found

x - Number of the trinket

Play Passion For Exploring?

Changes the layout of some rooms, like the trinket room in the ship before and after the explosion, and the secret lab entrance (custom levels don't support altstates at all)

Creates the last rescued crewmate at position x,y (?)

Makes someone rescued

Makes someone missing

Teleports you to Outside Dimension VVVVVV, (46,54) is the initial room of the Final Level

Sets the checkpoint to the current location

Makes all text boxes on the screen disappear except for the last created one

If x+1,y+1 is explored, go to (internal) script

If crewmate x was rescued last, go to script

crewmate - Numbers are used here: 2: Vitellary, 3: Vermillion, 4: Verdigris, 5 Victoria (I don't know the number for Viridian and Violet)

If you skip the cutscenes in No Death Mode, go to script x

If crewmate is lost, go to script

Show coordinates x,y on the map (This works for the map for custom levels)

Hide coordinates x,y on the map (This works for the map for custom levels)

Show the ship on the map

Hide the ship on the map

Show the secret lab on the map

Hide the secret lab on the map

Show the teleporters on the map (I guess it only shows the teleporter in Space Station 1)

Hide the teleporters on the map

Show the targets on the map (unknown teleporters which show up as ?s)

Hide the targets on the map

Show the trinkets on the map

Hide the trinkets on the map

Makes the player have control, however doesn't work in the middle of scripts

The opposite of hascontrol()

Special dialogs that show up in the main game

Same behaviour as simplified command

x - gravitylines/warptokens/platforms

Same behaviour as simplified command

Same behaviour as simplified command

Saves your game (in the regular teleporter save, so don't use it!)

Instantly fade in from fadeout()

Creates a zone where you are standing which says "Press ACTION to talk to (Crewmate)"

Creates all rescued crewmates

Dialog of Vitellary when he gives you a trinket in the real game

Dialog of Victoria when she gives you a trinket in the real game

Makes the credits roll. It destroys your save after the credits are completed!

Used to set a script which is run when you use a teleporter

Clears the teleporter script set with teleporterscript(x)

Moves the player x pixels to the right and y pixels down. Of course you can also use negative numbers to make him move up or to the left

Starts a loop block which will repeat n times

Put this at the end of the loop block

Turn off "secret lab mode"

Shake the screen for n ticks. This will not create a delay.

If there's a teleporter in the room, it will glow white and touching it will not annihilate your save data. May not work if there are multiple teleporters.

Overrides the x,y of the text command and thus sets the position of the text box, but for crewmates, rescuable crewmates are used to position against, instead of createentity crewmates.

x - center/centerx/centery, or a color name cyan/player/blue/red/yellow/green/purple (rescuable)
y - Only used if x is a color name. Can be above/below

The internal variant of the map command

Plays passion for exploring, without taking arguments(?)

Alternate finalmode(46,54), takes you to the final level without accepting arguments. Crashes in timeslip.

Resets all trinkets, collected crewmates and flags, and teleports the player to the last checkpoint.

Start a conversation with Vermilion just like when you meet him in the main game and press ENTER. Also creates an activity zone afterwards.

Start a conversation with Verdigris just like when you meet him in the main game and press ENTER. Also creates an activity zone afterwards.

Start a conversation with Victoria just like when you meet her in the main game and press ENTER. Also creates an activity zone afterwards.

Start a conversation with Vitellary just like when you meet him in the main game and press ENTER. Also creates an activity zone afterwards.

Start a conversation with Violet just like when you meet her in the main game and press ENTER. Also creates an activity zone afterwards.

Plays sound effect 3, shows text box with "Congratulations! You have found the secret lab!" Does not endtext, also has no further unwanted effects.

Displays the second text box you see after discovering the secret lab. Also does not endtext, and also does not have any further unwanted effects.

Actually unlocks the secret lab for the main game, which is probably an unwanted effect for a custom level to have. Turns on secret lab mode.

General Discussion / Domain change
« on: 6 Apr 2017, 18:07 »
This site is switching from tolp2.nl to a new domain: tolp.nl!

Rest assured, you don't need to do anything, apart from just logging in again. Of course, the site will stay the same, and old links will keep working, they'll be correctly redirected.

On Sunday, the 9th of April, the site will be fully configured to the new domain, and tolp2.nl links will start redirecting to tolp.nl. Additionally, we'll fully upgrade to secure (HTTPS) connections, but again, you don't need to do anything, it'll just redirect to HTTPS if you're using HTTP.

The new domain is already working, which means you can test it: https://tolp.nl/forum/. (You won't be logged in, and the forum is currently still configured for tolp2.nl, so it'll quickly send you back there)

If the new domain or HTTPS is not working properly for you, or if you have any questions, please tell me about it!

Oh, and I'm not doing this because the level is taking a long time or because I'm putting a halt to anything (in fact, this solves a problem should we get to a tOLP 3), it's that I think it's a nicer domain without the 2. Years ago, the first true domain I chose was tolp2.tk, because tolp.tk was already taken, and I simply moved to tolp2.nl after that.

General Discussion / Chara Dreemurr has been banned
« on: 10 Dec 2016, 16:00 »
Unusual dedicated ban topic.

Alright, so I've been wanting to put an end to all the toxicity that has been going on recently, and the reason for it is the fact that many people are fed up with Chara's behavior.

Truth be told, she has been extremely stubborn, releasing modified copies of other people's levels, trying to make people believe several kinds of lies about herself, pretending to be an Undertale character in some posts, and she has been acting annoyingly in other ways. So as of this moment, she is banned from the forum for now.

That said, I am really disappointed by some of the actions that certain people have taken. I am glad Chara's password withstood the couple of attempts that were made to crack it. And I am especially glad that the intentions/attempts to infect her computer with a virus or to install a remote access tool were not successful. You may hate someone, but trying to invade or cause damage to their computer is really not cool, and it's not the way to solve these kinds of things.

I haven't made this decision because of the poll, by the way. This ban isn't permanent either, we'll see if anything changes after a couple of months have passed. For now though, let's hope this helps to restore the peace around here.

General Discussion / MOVED: Guys, I have an idea!!!!
« on: 28 Sep 2016, 00:41 »

This topic has been moved to Nonsense as well as some other topics posted in the past few minutes.


VVVVVV / Getting rid of the loading screen
« on: 14 Apr 2016, 19:59 »
The fake loading screen can be pretty annoying, especially because VVVVVV automatically pauses whenever the window loses focus.

Luckily, I've found that you can bypass most of it with a simple hexedit of the VVVVVV binary.

Platform-specific instructions:

VVVVVV M&P on Windows (latest build; 10202016): address 122457 should be 64 (100), change that to 00.
VVVVVV M&P on Windows (older build; 06182014): address 5BAE0 should be 64 (100), change that to 00.
VVVVVV full version on Windows (2.2, oct-2016 build): address 123C67 should be 64 (100), change that to 00.
VVVVVV full version on Windows (2.2, older build): address 123BF7 should be 64 (100), change that to 00.
VVVVVV M&P on Linux x86_64 (latest build; 10202016): address 167DF1 should be 63 (99), change that to 00.
VVVVVV M&P on Linux x86_64 (older build; 06182014): address 15DC31 should be 63 (99), change that to 00.
VVVVVV full version on Linux x86_64 (2.2, oct-2016 build): address 169A31 should be 63 (99), change that to 00.
VVVVVV full version on Linux x86_64 (2.2, older build): address 15F871 should be 63 (99), change that to 00.

Note: read "address FFFFFF should be 64 (100)" as "address FFFFFF should have a hexadecimal value of 64 (which is 100 in decimal)".

If the address listed above does not have a value of 64 or 63 in your binary, then I guarantee you this will not work for that binary.

As you may know, we stopped accepting new contributors for tOLP2 in August 2013, because we had too many contibutors and there was a lot of disorganization because nobody really knew what to do.

By now though, development on tOLP2 has pretty much stalled completely. There hasn't been a new revision in months, even though we started over with tOLP2v2 in September, in an attempt to get general motivation back, but that hasn't even progressed far enough to be at the point where we wanted it to be before showing tOLP2v2 to the testers.

So because there are not enough active contributors at the moment, and there are people who want to contribute but weren't members of this community back in 2013, we're now accepting new contributors again!

If you want to participate, just post a topic in this board. If needed, we might decide to only let in a limited number of contributors, but let's see how it goes!

VVVVVV / The Unexpected Adventure
« on: 31 Mar 2016, 23:59 »
I've made a new VVVVVV level, called The Unexpected Adventure!

Main thread: http://distractionware.com/forum/index.php?topic=2444.msg24823#msg24823

General Discussion / CaptionBot
« on: 30 Mar 2016, 12:29 »
Show your impressive or funny CaptionBot results here!

20:52:09 - (Dav999) - Anyway https://i.imgur.com/RL2EQld.png
20:52:26 - Format: neat
20:53:50 - (Dav999) - Kind of threadworthy, people posting captionbot reactions to their images
20:55:33 - Format: http://puu.sh/nZJQE/e45a150ea0.jpg
20:55:33 - Format: wow
20:57:18 - Format: though i gave it a pic of trump pointing at the camera, and it thought he was talking on a cell phone
21:02:05 - (Dav999) - http://i.imgur.com/9vpvkt3.png
21:02:20 - Format: it's a multicat
21:02:28 - Format: it looks like several but it's really just one
21:04:38 - Format: http://puu.sh/nZKv5/112b0786d5.jpg nop it's mike chapman
21:04:40 - Format: fejl
21:05:01 - (Dav999) - http://i.imgur.com/HKxQsKU.png
21:05:21 - (Dav999) - We need to make a thread about this on tOLP
21:10:46 - Format: http://puu.sh/nZKXB/8d8b6096ec.jpg
21:13:57 - Format: this isnt microsoft's only AI project http://puu.sh/nZLaG/b4b0780901.jpg
21:14:33 - (Dav999) - I'm sure you've heard of Tay
21:14:40 - Format: indeed i have
21:15:53 - Format: i suppose the obvious thing to do would be to upload a photo of hitler to MyMoustache
21:16:50 - Format: also captionbot just confused a raccoon for a cat
21:17:07 - (Dav999) - People have been uploading too many cat pictures
21:19:30 - Format: ok ok ok i just found out something weird
21:19:36 - Format: i have a picture on my computer
21:19:39 - (Dav999) - Pffffff http://i.imgur.com/R0pRymP.png
21:19:47 - Format: but apparently--hold on
21:19:55 - Format: pfffffff

General Discussion / An SMF 2.1 beta testing forum
« on: 23 Mar 2016, 13:34 »
If you want to play around with forum administration features and test out the latest SMF 2.1 beta, I've set up a testing forum here: http://smf21b2016.pe.hu/

It's like http://dav999.comuf.com/, but new and fresh.

  • Everyone who signs up will be made an administrator.
  • Mail sending features are completely disabled. There is no registration confirmation email, so it is useless to enter any real email address. The email address you register with can be seen by other administrators, so if you don't want your email address seen by others: just fill in anything like a random mailinator.com address or something completely random.
  • Your IP address is not visible to others.
    More information
    Everyone's IP address is hashed so that everyone still has a unique IP address, but it can not be easily converted back to the original IP address. For example, the (imaginary) IP 300.300.300.300 can show up as 7452:1747:2ad2:9b54:f4e3:2fac:859f:9fbb and is not seen or used anywhere else than this testing forum. Yes, it looks like IPv6, but it actually is not.

VVVVVV / MOVED: [WIP] Ved - The External VVVVVV Editor
« on: 17 Mar 2016, 16:33 »

Anonymous posting / Important
« on: 19 Sep 2015, 16:58 »
One last time:

I didn't intend for this to become a spam/nonsense board. Consider this board to be General Discussion, not Nonsense.

Anonymous posting / Anonymous posting
« on: 19 Sep 2015, 09:11 »
Ok, so I am testing this out, and it seems like opening posts cannot be anonymous.

This board is experimental. Here, you can make posts without your username showing up.

Ved / Ved - The External VVVVVV Editor
« on: 30 Jul 2015, 18:43 »

Ved is an external editor for VVVVVV levels!

Features (subject to change):
  • New tools, such as a 7x7 brush, a 9x9 brush, etc, and brushes that cover the entire width or height of a room
  • An undo/redo feature
  • Add spikes to a wall/platform in one click
  • View a map of the entire level in one click, ability to save the map as an image
  • The ability to copy and move rooms, even between different levels
  • Syntax highlighting and basic error reporting in the script editor
  • Level notepad in which you can keep notes, changelogs, ideas and more
  • Search feature for scripts, room names and level notes
  • Plugins feature that allows you to change Ved in almost any way
  • Copying and pasting text
  • Being able to see which flags have been used in the level, and which have not
  • Giving flags names that can be used directly in scripts
  • A simple button that allows you to write an entire script in internal scripting
  • Being able to check if any limits have been reached, like the 500 scripts limit and the limit of 20 trinkets in a level
  • A built-in help feature
  • The ability to compare differences between two versions of a level (or two different levels if you want)
  • Works directly with VVVVVV's level folder, so no need to move levels around. Also supports custom tileset images!
  • Multi-platform

These screenshots are pretty old, new ones coming soon!

The (less early) editor interface

Old image for reference

Horizontal fill tool

Spike tool

Viewing the map of a level

The (early) script editor

The same script again, this time in internal scripting

Changing internal entity properties

Viewing the built-in help

Get the latest version here: https://tolp.nl/ved/download
Also, feel free to make any feature requests or report any bugs here, or on the Idea Informer!

General Discussion / MOVED: Hell.exe.vvvvvv
« on: 4 Jun 2015, 03:44 »

General Discussion / tMO
« on: 31 Jan 2015, 11:47 »
Inspired by this blog post by Terry back in 2007, I decided to start a side-forum that implements these ideas to see it in action, because it was never actually done before. It's mostly for fun, but let's see how good/bad of an idea this is. :P

Have fun!

Note: accounts aren't linked between this forum and that one, so if you want to log in you need to create a separate account.

VVVVVV / Mobile version
« on: 12 Jun 2014, 04:56 »
Who else has already bought the iOS version of the game? :)

Let's start by discussing what type of control everyone likes best. Personally I switch between D-pad and swipe occasionally, the swipe option takes getting used to, the D-pad feels like something I'm used to even though I sometimes accidentally press the left button when I mean to press the right button. I also died a couple of times in Veni Vidi Vici with D-pad controls, and then did it in one go with swipe controls. But I'm still not fully adjusted to swipe controls, I guess it depends on which challenge you're facing.

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