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Author Topic: Cave Johnson  (Read 1192 times)

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Cave Johnson
« on: 18 Feb 2017, 20:56 (6 years and 7 months ago) »
At some point during the 1980s, Cave Johnson had renamed the company to Aperture Laboratories, a name that would be known far into the future. However, the number of willing test subjects had dwindled over the years, and out of desperation, employees and random strangers were pulled off the streets in order to be a part of the testing. The technology had advanced greatly, and robots had started to replace human employees. These employees then become unfortunate victims in Cave's quest for the future of science.

During his final days, Cave stated that he had tried to purchase a number of "moon rocks". However, his last few recordings indicated that these acquired "moon rocks" were toxic, and resulted in a fatal illness (possibly silicosis, a real effect from breathing dust from crushed lunar rock). He explained that he contracted the illness when, in one of his wild ideas, he was grinding moon rocks together in the name of science in order to form a new type of substance called the 'Conversion Gel', most likely named due to its ability to serve as a portal conductor and allow portals to be placed on any surface. As the symptoms of his terminal illness became more severe however, he decided to re-purpose the 'conversion gel' to create new portals that would hopefully leech the poison out of his system.

As his illness progressed, Cave's emotional state, already precarious due to the success of his rival Black Mesa, began to deteriorate. It was at this point that Cave mentioned the aphorism "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade". As his condition became more debilitating, Cave's comments became increasingly emphatic, resulting in advice to never give up, "get mad," and "make life take the lemons back!". Despite his attempts to stave off fate, all attempts to cure his affliction failed, and with little hope of a cure, he instructed his engineers to start research on artificial intelligence (AI) and brain mapping in the hope that his brain could be downloaded into a computer. Cave also stated that they "should've been doing this 30 years ago". Fearing that he would die before the release of the technology, he left instructions that his secretary Caroline should take charge of Aperture Science, and that she should be downloaded into the computer intended for him. He stated that he knows that "she will decline at first or feel she can't do it", which he followed up with "force her to do it if you have to". It is presumed that Caroline was selected due to her devotion to scientific progress, a trait admired by Cave, and also due to their close relationship. It is unknown what became of Cave himself, but it is presumed that he fell victim to his illness and, ultimately, to science.

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Obligatory post.
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Re: Cave Johnson
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All you need to know is he's gonna burn your house down with lemons.