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Author Topic: Wiki Discussion Post  (Read 2450 times)

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Wiki Discussion Post
« on: 11 Apr 2015, 06:42 (8 years and 1 month ago) »
As I mentioned a few times, I made a wiki for Hexagon, Hexagon Ice, Super Hexagon and Open Hexagon 1 and 2. It still is a work in progress tho.


Anyway, similar to the wiki post for VVVVVV, this is going to be the wiki post for the Hexagon Wiki.

Pages that need help ;-;
Ice (can be found here: hyperhexagonest.wikia.com/wiki/Ice) - Traps section
Hyper Hexagonest (can be found here: hyperhexagonest.wikia.com/wiki/Hyper_Hexagonest) - Traps section (please erase my jokes too)

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Re: Wiki Discussion Post
« Reply #1 on: 11 Apr 2015, 20:09 (8 years and 1 month ago) »
I wish I could help with this, but I don't know that much about Super Hexagon. (Actually, is there really that much to know about it at all?)

Anyway, off-topic, when will the VVVVVV wiki post be revived along with the wikis themselves? I'm anxious for work to start again on Space Station and CCCCCCommunity

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I never bought it.
« Reply #2 on: 11 Apr 2015, 21:20 (8 years and 1 month ago) »
Alright, brb going to http://thepiratebay.sx/ to get my free copy of Super Hexagon so I can add information.