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VVVVVV / Gravity Line Hitboxes
« on: 24 Dec 2017, 01:43 »

VVVVVV / [v1.0.0] Fun Vs
« on: 21 Dec 2017, 23:09 »
this is the resource pack i use in my videos

graphics is just things i changed in order to add more information to any level you're playing along with some nice aesthetic looks and technically filling in every single tile. for example, the solid black lab tiles actually have a hidden color (sort of), and you can see what's behind platforms for those clever level designers who like to hide random shit behind them. and the invisible solid tiles are no longer invisible, because the clever level designers are dumb as shit. also everyone has v badges, like proper space crew do. and the font is nice too

sounds is currently just one sound effect taken from familyjules7x's vvvvvv guitar medley, i'd love to customize all sounds but eh

music is a bunch of remixes i copied from somewhere on the internet. i call the music pack "Parabola Mix 2", this is the second mix i've made actually. i've looked through the pppppp albums but have also randomly searched around for more remixes and can't be arsed to actually figure out where they came from

VVVVVV / "Exausted?"
« on: 8 Dec 2017, 17:23 »

Nonsense / Red HHHHHHat.
« on: 30 Sep 2017, 11:05 »

Forum Games / Don't Post Any Fifth Glyphs!
« on: 16 Aug 2017, 20:11 »
This sport is original and totally not copying a chatroom from David’s (David is our forum administrator and human who is owning this forum) “Try Not To Obtain A Ban” guild on Discord, which is also totally not a copying of a book known as Gadsby. If you don’t know what a fifth glyph is, it’s that glyph to your “W” button’s right (if using a common button board), or that glyph in front of “D” in our glyph-list (humans might call that glyph-list “ABCs”).

If you say it is hard, I concur with you. Our fifth glyph is our linguistic group’s glyph of most using. Our linguistic group’s most common word has it. It is so strongly common, things without it look out of placing! But humans did construct two long books without any fifth glyphs, and I did construct this post without any fifth glyphs (apart from its samplings showing off its laws). So do not simply dismiss this sport as “too hard”. Try it and look at how far you may go!

I am laying down laws to follow if you post in this topic:

A. Do not post fifth glyphs (obviously).
B. Forum formatting with fifth glyphs in its naming (or inputs, such as amounts) is not against this topic’s laws.
So using this formatting would not go against this law, although its naming contains two fifth glyphs.
C. Anything not in a post is not against this law, including things such as avatars, display namings, signaturings, and so on.
D. Do not simply go taking it out of your posts.

I am noticing that any human who looks at “talk without using any fifth glyphs” always thinks, “Pssh, I’ll simply just go taking it out of what I say, lik* I hav* found th* p*rf*ct solution to *v*rything!” You can’t simply do that. Our two most-known books without any fifth glyphs don’t do that. That would turn this sport into a dumb thing. So many humans think this, that this law’s formatting has a ridiculous sizing, along with that law in front of this law.

Apart from my sampling of a human’s thoughts atop this lining, you cannot do that. At all. Full stop. This can bring about gray locations in this law, but at that point I’d just say your post is in violation of this law.

F. Acronyms, amount glyphs, and short forms of words count.

Any human is dumb, and if a human looks at my prior law, that human would think, “I’ll just post acronyms or amount glyphs, swapping out such words that contain fifth glyphs!” But you can’t, as that would turn this sport into a dumb thing, too.

So “LOL” counts as “Laugh Out Loud”, which is okay, but you cannot post “BRB”: That has a fifth glyph in its unfolding: “Be Right Back”.

Amount glyphs obtain two “looks”, so to say. A look at all individual glyphs, and a look at what amount all individual glyphs form. If both of such looks contain fifth glyphs, it is in violation of this law.

So “12” attains two looks: A look at all individual glyphs is giving back “one two”. A look at its full amount is giving back “twelve”. Both looks contain fifth glyphs, thus, you cannot post “12”.

Similarly, “666” attains two looks: Its initial look, “six hundred sixty-six”, which contains a fifth glyph, and its last look, “six six six”, which contains no fifth glyphs; thus, you can post “666” (although a human might not particularly favor that amount).

G. Do not post glyphs that look too similar to a fifth glyph.

You can post é, ë, è, and such (as long as you do not simply swap any actual fifth glyphs out with such glyphs), but you cannot post this Cyrillic glyph: е

H. Posts violating any laws will obtain a posting on this Hall of Shaming in front of this topic’s laws, with an imaging/picturing as proof and all.

Hall of Shaming:

cool post mdude

Alright, now Don’t Post Any Fifth Glyphs!

General Discussion / Viridian’s gender poll
« on: 9 Jul 2017, 11:40 »
Arguments in favor of the option Male:
  • A lot of people refer to Viridian as male
  • Viridian’s color, viridian, is a masculine color
  • “Captain” is masculine
  • People say “Yes, sir!” to Viridian
  • VVVVVV was before the trend to have gender-neutral characters in indie vidya

Arguments in favor of the option Female:
  • Some obscure tweet or something of a plush of Viridian or something, that refers to Viridian as a female, and maybe a few other instances of people referring to Viridian as a female
  • VVVVVV was before the trend to have gender-neutral characters in indie vidya

Arguments in favor of the option Yes:
  • Viridian’s gender isn’t specified anywhere in-game or on anything official
  • Something about wanting the player to be more relatable to Viridian

Arguments in favor of the option No:
  • Viridian’s gender isn’t specified anywhere in-game or on anything official
  • Something about wanting the player to be more relatable to Viridian
  • Something about Viridian’s species being not human or something

VVVVVV / hilarious vidoes
« on: 19 Jun 2017, 12:41 »
have you ever wanted

to hear

some asshole keep


and playing shiyt levels all day long???///////


with these QUALIQY THUMBNAILS that are totally not clickbait

play through levels with his own shitttty textures

and whatever sideline border bullshits these are

in 1080p!!!!!111111111111*

*actually not all of them are 1080p haha nobody will read this fine print


*actually they're monetized and again nobody will read this fine print


*actually no guarantees that the videos will exist forever and i think i've made the "fine print" joke twice already

okay i'll just say it: please watch my shitty videos kthx

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/InfoTeddy257JZCP
Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLK-CMCgMhHi7d-FcN5MrTYdrrMm6--9jc

Recent VVVVVV Custom Levels videos:

Abandoned Facility

Dimension ZYX

Event, Fear Factory, Iota, and KKKKKK

Nonsense / Pretentious
« on: 2 Apr 2017, 19:39 »
That's not what I'm talking about, and you know that's not what I'm talking about.  Don't try and contort my words to fit your twisted narrative.  What you just said is not your point, it's just something you pulled out of your ass to try and save face, to make it seem like you won this argument.

Well, the truth is that you didn't.  Not only is your cavalier disregard of people's criticisms the bane of your level making ability, it's also a good window into your greatest flaw: your pretentiousness.  You the most pretentious person on this forum; you always try to "correct" people for tiny grammatical errors and get the last word in on every argument, because you always know that you're right.  The fact is, however, you're completely and utterly wrong in everything you ever do.  You have never made anything good in your entire life, and your contributions to tOLP2 are no exception.

General Discussion / Obligatory New Year’s Post
« on: 31 Dec 2016, 23:28 »
Right now, it is the current year. Before, it was the current year minus one. In the year before the current year, the next year would be the current year plus one. But you know what?
It’s the current year!

General Discussion / Best of tOLP 2016
« on: 30 Dec 2016, 07:51 »
Better than anything that has come out of Starblaze Studios!

This is an announcement post, announcing the release date of the video. I’ll also post the link to the video here when it’s uploaded. But anyways, the release date is:
That’s in YYYY-MM-DD format. In MM/DD/YY it’s 02/01/17. In mm/dd/YY it’s 2/1/17. In other formats it’s something else.

No, I will not be putting in voices other than my own in the video. It turns out the entire thing on that front is fucking dead and that we meme in the Discord more than actually do voice clips. (Besides, SOMEBODY ruined it anyways.)

Nonsense / club penguin poll
« on: 25 Dec 2016, 19:09 »
i bet like 50% of the forum has played cp

or if they're jewish and already have the game but they want another copy to sell for shekels
Or if they’re an anime loser dweeb living in their parents’ basement wasting all of their NEET money on vidya.

Forum Games / Creative Passwords
« on: 23 Nov 2016, 15:29 »
Come up with creative passwords in this forum game. For example:


CYOA / Amazing CYOA
« on: 23 Nov 2016, 15:27 »
You are some person in a tunnel. There is a light in front of you.

A. Go forward
B. Go backward

General Discussion / 10000th post in General Discussion
« on: 23 Nov 2016, 15:08 »
Someone had to do it. Anyways, someone else can do the post for forum games as well.

E: Wanted to clarify, I meant the corresponding post for forum games at this point, not the 10000th post for it. Also, I just did it anyways.

Nonsense / new relationship name
« on: 16 Nov 2016, 18:09 »
i have come up with a new relationship name for a relationship and it is

if you dont quite get it ill capitalize another letter


This happened the other day. The link to the demo is here.

Put the demo in your {STEAM DIRECTORY}/steamapps/common/Portal 2/portal2/ folder, then go in Portal 2, and then type in the console playdemo fuckingfirstspeedrunattempt_2. If you need help opening the console, look it up.

Anyways, this is a pretty interesting glitch.

General Discussion / Trump won.
« on: 8 Nov 2016, 23:37 »


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