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Nonsense / I just had to post this
« on: 9 Mar 2018, 12:45 »

Forum Games / King/Queen of the Page!
« on: 4 Mar 2018, 02:07 »
This started on another forum where the creator got the idea from another forum where the game exploded and then the creator was inspired to bring it over to that other forum, where it also exploded. In a nutshell. Anyway, I just had to bring this game over to this forum. I am sure that this topic is not a duplicate. If it is, then please say so.

The goal is to have the first post on a page.  This is called being "king/queen of the page".  Obviously king of the page is male and queen of the page is female.  For gender-neutral situations, use whichever, or just the generic "ruler of the page".

Essentially this is a game of ninja-ing people.  Once we get to the bottom of a page things get more intense, but at the beginning things can get dull.  So I encourage congratulating people on getting king/queen/ruler of the page and maybe being competitive.  For example:
Quote from: CellularData
Congrats on queen of page 5!
Quote from: WhoEvenCaresAboutTheseStupidMadeUpNamesAnyway
I'm gonna get king of page 6 ;)
Quote from: Thecoolcraft5016
No you won't! >:(

The rules:
1) Set your posts per page to 20, the default.
2) No double-posting unless the posts are at least 24 hours apart (which probably means you're bumping).
3) Definitely no tripleposting/quadrupleposting/etc.
4) No using alt accounts to get around the doublepost rule.
5) No calling "unfair" and demanding a rematch if someone ninja'd you by a second.
Here's a tally of how many pages each player has:
Quote from: Leaderboard
No one yet.

Have fun! :viridian:

General Discussion / Hi I guess
« on: 27 Feb 2018, 09:11 »
I don't know why I joined this forum, but what's done is done.


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