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CYOA / Re: Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) 2
« on: 17 Jun 2013, 04:12 »

General Discussion / Re: General off-topic
« on: 14 Jun 2013, 04:49 »
I have been working on a minecraft parkour map. Sooo here are some pics.
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(sorry for the large pics,i captured these full screen.)
Looks very good so far. Send me the link when it's done.

General Discussion / Re: General gaming topic
« on: 14 Jun 2013, 04:46 »
I'm something like 20 in beginner.

Screenshot? ::)
I just checked, an I'm actually 11 in beginner. :'D

Forum Games / Re: More translate failz
« on: 12 Jun 2013, 14:14 »
No Replacements Found
35 later...
He managed to find a way.

That's pretty much the polar opposite. :shrug2:

Forum Games / Re: Picture War
« on: 12 Jun 2013, 07:19 »

That image is HUGE and glitched like crazy when I try to load it.

And it eats CPU.
Sorry. Deleted.

Forum Games / Re: Corrupt a fish I mean wish
« on: 12 Jun 2013, 06:43 »
Granted, but the lemon in the cheese tastes wierd.
I wish for  :handanykey: :stare:

Forum Games / Re: More translate failz
« on: 12 Jun 2013, 06:33 »
Darp is a town in the Dutch province of Drenthe. It is a part of the municipality of Westerveld, and lies about 19 km west of Hoogeveen.
35 later...
Hebergemen, for example, Arizona Netherlands creation information.


Forum Games / Re: You've been banned.
« on: 12 Jun 2013, 06:32 »
Banned for accusing me of lying.

Forum Games / Re: More translate failz
« on: 12 Jun 2013, 06:31 »
35 later...


Forum Games / Re: You've been banned.
« on: 12 Jun 2013, 06:09 »
Banned for not having a signature.

Forum Games / Re: More translate failz
« on: 12 Jun 2013, 06:09 »
A kitten or kitty is a juvenile domesticated cat. A feline litter usually consists of two to five kittens. To survive, kittens need the care of their mother for the first several weeks of their life. Kittens are highly social animals and are social.
(I had to cut it down a bit, but it's Wikipedia for kitten.)
35 later...
The cat was out of the organization. Spotted cats. To survive, perhaps 2-5 dogs (3). Madonna kitty cat cats are social animals.

MADONNA!??! :wtf: :facepalm:

Forum Games / Re: More translate failz
« on: 12 Jun 2013, 06:02 »
Hotels are only good if they have a restaurant and a pool. Townhouses are better.
35 later...
The restaurant and the swimming pool is excellent.

Well, we still get the idea... :shrug:

VVVVVV / Re: VVVVVV levels as DLC in 3DS Version
« on: 11 Jun 2013, 19:40 »
Me and Dav were talking and we thought it'd be cool if levels like Back to VVVVVV or Dimension Open were made available as downloadable content for the Nintendo 3DS Version of VVVVVV. What are your thoughts? Should we tell NICALiS?
Even if not, terry should update vvvvvv to have those levels, so nicalis would update to that and boom!

General Discussion / Re: E3 Predictions & Discussion
« on: 11 Jun 2013, 11:29 »
Alright guys, new very important Nintendo announcements. New Smash Bros, Zelda, among others!

Watch The Nintendo Direct!
Diddnt everyone know about those?
Edit: CAT MARIO!?!?!?!!?
The sound he makes when you first get him is stupid.

The Open Level 2 - Participation requests / Roskilla
« on: 11 Jun 2013, 11:27 »
I don't think I need to post this, but can I help this time?

Thanks again. You really know how to hurt a guy's feelings. You could have took me off the list, and I would have understood. :-\
Calm down Roskilla, not everyone is perfect. Dav could've forgotten to add you to the contributor group.
That's not the point. I didn't contribute, so I decided I would test. No one gave me the level. I feel left out.

(I can't really put this anywhere else. If it wasn't locked, I would have put it in the child board.)

Did I not say I would test in the old forum?
And I might as well test, too. :)
I never saw the bug test thread because it never showed new because I was locked from it, so I never really got to do anything for tOLP. :-\ Thanks. :-\
Also, for toaster,
We all did a bit of something (except Roskilla), but here's what we focused on!
Thanks again. You really know how to hurt a guy's feelings. You could have took me off the list, and I would have understood. :-\

General Discussion / Re: General gaming topic
« on: 10 Jun 2013, 19:36 »
I'm something like 20 in beginner.

Screenshot? ::)
I'm out of town, but my parents wouldn't let me anyways :-[
I just watch youtube and click where I don't see numbers.

Viridian once ate a shoe which was shoen to him cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese with a lot of butter and then e e e fell off a cliff into Equestria, where he met Spike who had used Ponify for decades and was going to turn into paper, when Vermilion made the narwhal bacon. Cheese was unrelated and exploded like a brony in a blender. Toaster then blew up. Mister Toaster was revived and cheesed and vowed to respect bronies although ponies were for fillies and colts alike, as Vitellary pleasured himself to ponies. EXPLODE was a new website where bronies were excecuted by explosion - not! - it was just a signup for a farting contest, and blue626 won! He was literally on fire! He died. Novilli cared, though. So Victoria Viridian Vermilion Vitellary Violet Verdigris and Valso went to China, got fat and died. Butts was an employee at McDonald's who was killed recently. AEIOU was the killer. Vitellary's singalong caused millions of deaths. Thisisalloneword was a very unpopular word which caused the destruction of Microshat. Everyvilli rejoiced! Except for Verisix, who simply sucked his lollipop, which was magnesium flavoured. It reacted with fire and he barely survived, sustaining severe cowitis, and he wouldn't stop crapping all over the floor. Valso scornfully cleaned up the s**t and stuff while Vanilla ate vanilla icecream. The videogame crash of 1983 aeiou'd the Atari 2600s and everyone weeped. Vanilla killed everyone. The end was not an end. FIQ is not in this story because he's too awesome for saas and fuuf and alsothisismorewordsidontlivebytherules blew up. Verdigris was happy even though he died earlier. Violet then HIT HIM WITH- Wait, Violet died too. SaaS. Viridian used the Paper Mario to kill paper bowser. Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow went Voon's cat that had meowed at Voon while meow ate twenty four chocolate chip gaylords. aaaaaaaaaa aaaa a e  i o u. AND SO, RAINBOW DASH DIED HORRIBLY. Notasinglef***wasgiventhatday DO NOT USE THE WORD P**** EVER BECAUSE I SAID. Toaster should be banned. Really. But Toaster had immunity! I'm breaking the rules because I want to! NOW, CONTINUING WITH THE STORY, EVERYONE DIED. THE END YEAH! Then, N Harmonia was born and met Reshiram, who sucked at delivering pizza to people. However, in battle, he was crying! FILLER FILLER FILLER FILLER FILLER FILLER FILLER FILLER FILLER. A cupcake on a car wash in Norway with friends was exploding like a dinosaur who calculated 6/0, which equals π cubed plus fifty billion minus John Lennon and SRAM Woodchuck cannot chuck good wood and as a result Steve Jobs went outside and said "I have come here to rock this house again." Suddenly, he turned into a pony and then he died by eating far too many croque but then he was alive because croque monsieur was the healing thing and Applejack is just a normal, casual, regular pony. Suddenly, suddenness sudden sod sodded into the sudden suddenness of Peewee Herman's msksdnmdk dsnsdjndsj. Now, continuing with the story, I just won't add the details about the amount of FILLER from FILLER FILLER FILLER. Anyhouse, if you know what to prove by Mathematical Induction, it's very unlikely that you ever played VVVVVV, so go jump into a flying toilet. I am a swag master, but I am Grima the  taco merchant truly named Rainbow Dash who is named VVVVVV who (+) is watching The Voice now.

General Discussion / Re: General gaming topic
« on: 10 Jun 2013, 13:21 »
Trying to get Minesweeper records now:

Beginner: 22 seconds

Intermediate: 381 seconds (only played it once)

Expert: 999 by Anonymous :D

Yes, Minesweeper.
I'm something like 20 in beginner.

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