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Ved's new "playtesting" feature (Ved 1.4)

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So, this year's April Fools' joke was that Ved was "automatically updated" to version 1.4, featuring a new playtesting feature!

The details. If you already played it, or you're still in for a surprise, you might want to skip this partIf it isn't immediately clear during the first room of the demo level that this game feels somewhat different, it definitely becomes clear in the second room, when Viridian doesn't flip, but jump:

You'll also have noticed the three hearts in the top left corner. Each death removes a heart, making it look like the player only has three lives (the third death turns it into a death counter though, you can keep playing)

All sound effects have also been remade. And one thing that was rushed enough to mention it here, was moving platforms. Horizontally moving platforms work well when standing on them, but you can't get pushed from the side by one at all, and you can easily fall through vertically moving platforms.
The more technical detailsPretty much everything was done via the plugin system. One of the advantages of this was that it made everything way more organized, requiring only minor actual changes to the code. Another advantage is that I can easily release it as a plugin after it would stop working automatically!

The plugin files can be found in utils/internal_plugins/.

In order to reduce the chance of the joke getting out before the 1st of April, I never committed it to the repository. Though it probably would have been more fun to do everything in plain sight without getting noticed, it would've been too risky.

You can ignore the four eraser images in this screenshot, I was working on a feature that I wanted to add to 1.3.2 originally, but shashed for later. Git doesn't stash files that you never added, hence why they're still there, and they're actually in the 1.3.2 packages, too (which was not a problem for me).

I set the playtesting feature to appear on 1 April 2018 10:00 UTC (3AM PDT, 6AM EDT, 11:00 BST), and to disappear on 3 April 2018 10:00 UTC. That means it will no longer be loaded now, unless you set back your computer's clock to be in between those dates. However, if you want to keep playing, you can also re-add it as a plugin!

Quick info for Windows users (which the majority is): you can install plugins by putting them in %appdata%\ved\plugins\ (if you're using the .exe version) or %appdata%\LOVE\ved\plugins\ (if you're using the .love version). You don't have to extract the .zip. More info, and info on how to install the plugins on Mac and Linux (which is just as easy), is at the top of this page.

vis.zip - Download
This is the actual playtesting feature. "Vis" is the codename for this project. I'm planning make a repository for it, soon!

visload.zip - Download
Despite having "load" in the name, this plugin is not required. It just pops up the "Welcome to Ved 1.4" screen, changes the version number in the title bar, and includes the demo level. For the full 1.4 experience!

vis-sounds.zip - Download
Like the sound effects? You can also use them in VVVVVV! As far as I know, this is the first complete custom sound effect pack for VVVVVV. Just make a folder called sounds in your VVVVVV folder (which is in Documents on Windows), and put the .wav files in there!

P.S. It was pretty nice that I could call this version 1.4 (1 April), being at version 1.3.x. However, I'll keep numbering the next revisions as 1.3.x, and once I get to the real 1.4, you can tell them apart by knowing it'll be called 1.4.0, keeping consistent with Ved's real version numbering system.

LOL this is amazing!

I was actually really surprised when I found out that  :viridian: JUMPED and didn't flip. And I also thought that I only had three lives until I died like 17 times on the second-to-last room.

And how dare you make the :shiny: IMPOSSIBLE TO GET!!! *rage*

Later, I tried playing different levels and seeing how far I could get.

On one of my W.I.P levels, I only got to the second room of the first stage before it became impossible. As for the others, I pretty much couldn't even start the level. and even if I could then it wouldn't have changed anything.

Later, I went into the level in REAL VVVVVV and it was so easy! I think there's another impossible trinket though (which seems impossible even through real VVVVVV). ::)

Anyway really good fools joke. Too bad I missed it.  :(

All trinkets in the demo level are possible to get, even if you can only jump! :shiny:

Show contentYou can still get on the ceiling

Info Teddy:
lol dav you included a swap file with the zip (include/vis/.Scripting.lua.swp)


--- Quote from: CoolPlaysGaming on 14 Apr 2018, 02:04 ---I think there's another impossible trinket though (which seems impossible even through real VVVVVV). ::)

--- End quote ---

Prize For The Reckless, you mean? It's possible, i've done it before. Avoid literally every checkpoint until you get to that room again, die,
get your prize. Hard, but can be done.


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