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Have something off-topic to say, which doesn't fit in another thread but which isn't important enough to create a new thread about? Post it here! This topic is probably going to be the big general chat thread. :viridian:

I'll just start by saying that my computer said that the hard drive was nearly full, and after that I cleared up almost 7 GB by just closing all apps (I didn't have THAT many of them running) and just by restarting, I cleared another 14 GB! :o I think all sorts of temporary files just started to pile up for different apps, and that just needed to be finally cleared up. I also haven't restarted in a long time.

Grilled Derpfish:
ew no


--- Quote from: Derpfish on 18 May 2013, 17:20 ---ew no

--- End quote ---


I created a Google Docs version of Derpfish's adventure forum game, which I am frequently updating...

when i saw this i thought it was because the slight flurry of OFF i was posting
so i thought this was just for that but it was off topic place
maybe "general "off topic" things go here" would be a better title?

i dont know but anycase i drew a thing that i dont think anyone would get
because no one would know what it was anyways


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