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cuterudolfblock (axolotl):
everytime you read some rules i will give you trinket  :shiny:
1. no ads
2. no spam boards (except nonsense area)
3. no copy boards
4. no rule 34
5. here is trinket for doing so well! :shiny:
6. no nsfw unless in spoiler tags warning about nsfw
7. no nsfw image
8. no racist
9. no nazi (seriously  :violet: :violet: :violet: )
10. no fascist
11. no offend
12. trinket!  :shiny:
13. no posts with literally zero nil value at all, like, negative value almost
14. bump old topics if you want a ban (and a trinket from me!)
15. if someone want taken out of something, let them out (this common issue i see most day  :victoria: :victoria: :victoria: )
16. no alternate accounts
17. dont share ur account, make a new one (if you do this, i will eat all your trinkets  :vermilion: :vermilion: :vermilion: )
18. trinket!  :shiny:
19. dont pretend to be someone ur not, unless u are that person
20. dont change avatar and name suddenly with a couple other peeps
21. siggy limit: 250px
22. dont circumvent bans (i dont see anything wrong with it, but the rules are the rules  :verdigris: )
23. trinket!  :shiny:
that was all 19 rules (the extra rules r trinkets)


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