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why i am boycotting distractionware for 1 weeks


cuterudolfblock (axolotl):

you can already tell whats wrong with this: im NOT random :cvalso_angry: :cvalso_angry: :cvalso_angry:
also, i hate when they accuse you of things you actually did :cvalso_angry: :cvalso_angry: :cvalso_angry: :cvalso_angry: :cvalso_angry: :cvalso_angry: :cvalso_angry: :cvalso_angry: :cvalso_angry:

I don't want to argue about this for too long, and it's something you'll probably only agree with later, but yes, you were random. Or maybe that's not exactly the right word, but I don't know of a better way to word it right now. You need to make sure your posts have enough quality to them?

And you were the one who posted this:

In the past 3 weeks, you have made more than 60% of all posts on distractionware, many of the remaining 40% are responses to your posts... It's a bit chaotic and people need a bit of a break from that :shrug2:

cuterudolfblock (axolotl):
ok, i will add quality via my seal of quality


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