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This thread is for discussion about the actual forum because I didn't see one.

In this thread, discuss things you think the forum should have, things it shouldn't have, ect.

--- Quote from: Dav999 on 29 Jun 2013, 12:36 ---The current ranks are:

PostsNameSquares0Vanilla1-19Crewmate   20-39Crewmate40-99Doctor100-199   Professor≥200Captain
Making the groups like crazyal02 suggested, everyone in the proposed Terry group would have 12 squares:

This would be a little bit better when we make the squares smaller:

But things don't really make sense.

--- End quote ---

I kept getting triple errors on the forum in the past 15 minutes, where it gives a database error in normal SMF theme, underneath that a PHP error message about headers which have already been sent and underneath that the "Connection problems" error. ??? :')

I'll sticky it when there are like two more votes. :viridian:

This ranking system.


--- Quote from: crazyal02 on 29 Jun 2013, 06:29 ---This ranking system.

--- End quote ---

Maybe we should make a poll for that...

I don't really like it...
Speaking of ranking, what do the current ranks mean?
(I'll add them to the main post up there)


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