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CYOA / Re: Falling Off the Elevator Game
« Last post by allison on 4 Jun 2022, 02:59 »

You sigh. "One of the floors had a whole... simulated life for me. I lived for ages in that simulation. Fell in love, even."

His eyes widen in shock. "Really?"

"Yeah. And... I was happy. Way more than I ever was down here. I felt... complete when I was with her. But then the simulation ended, and it was back to the drudgery. All those years were just another floor, no more important than any of the other random bullshit in that tower." You wince in pain. Your body can't take injuries the way it used to.

"Christ. I'm sorry." He really looked horrified. "I can't even imagine what that's like."

You study his face, and recognition hits you. "Wait... Jason?"

He... no, Jason, smiles. "You do remember!"

You're a little embarrassed. "I'm sorry. I don't know how I forgot."

"You're hurt. And you've been through a lot."

"You don't even know. I met her one more time, on a higher floor. She said she was in on the simulation the whole time. Seemed totally different from the person I knew. I..." You struggle to remember. Somehow, in the short time you've been out, it feels like yet more years have passed. "I tried to... k-kill myself. It didn't work. That was when I jumped."

You both sit in silence for a moment. Jason speaks up. "Maybe it wasn't really her. The second time, I mean."

You haven't thought of that before. "Maybe... That'd make sense. I knew her so well, and that wasn't the person I fell in love with."

"Not many people escape the Tower, but everyone who does talks about how the place plays tricks on them. I bet it was something like that."

"You're probably right. It doesn't matter, though. I'll never see her again."

Another silence, this time for a minute. You ask, "And it's only been a week down here?"

He squinted. "Did I say a week? Shit, my bad. It's been a few months."

"Fuck, I can't believe I'm really back here. I wasted my life in this city." You start to cry. "I was s-so desperate to get away from here... I w-was willing to do anything. This can't be happening... That place, on Floor 3487, that felt like where I belonged. I should've known it was too good to be true."

"Hey..." Jason seems to want to help, but he's at a loss for words. "Please get some rest. I'm just glad you're alive."

Despite falling an unimaginable distance, somehow your injuries weren't too severe. You're released from the hospital a couple days later. It's a short walk to your apartment.

The Towers, sparsely distributed, stretch far into the inky blackness of the empty sky. The shorter buildings seem to glow with malice. You hate this city. The feeling is mutual. Bad memories briefly flash before your eyes, like getting punched in the face. Your route takes you close to the Tower you scaled, which you try not to look at. You pass by a nearby café, with a picture window in front. You briefly glance inside absentmindedly. Wait. You double take. There's no way.

Your head buzzing, you step into the café. This is crazy. Awkwardly, you look at the woman, sitting bored at a table, who caught your eye. She finally sees you back. Her eyes light up. Now you're certain it's her. It's Audrey. A second later, you're embracing.

"You finally made it!" Audrey practically shouts. You feel young again, except better. "I love you!"

You have dinner together and catch up. "Did you ever meet me after I was taken by the elevator?"

She frowns. "No. What do you mean?"

You feel so relieved. "Forget it." You have to ask. "How... how are you here?"

She smiles, warmly but mischievously. "After you were taken, I figured out a way to jump. Took the kids too. It was, um, a bit of a culture shock... but I've made a decent living here. And when I can get free time, I eat here, 'cos I knew you were going to come by someday."

"Audrey... You did all that for me?"

She blushed a little. "It's nothing. I wasn't happy, alone up there. The kids missed you."

You start crying and laughing. "I can't wait to see them again!"

You still hate the city, sort of. Returning here was your worst nightmare. You never thought this could feel okay, and yet... it is. Maybe you didn't waste your life after all.
Nonsense / Re: BUMP IT
« Last post by allison on 4 Jun 2022, 01:14 »
christ u rly went for it
Nonsense / Re: BUMP IT
« Last post by Ally 🌠 on 15 May 2022, 09:44 »
Done, you're in the testers group now!
Hello. I'm new here. :viridian:
Dav, can I playtest? I want it.
VVVVVV / Re: Custom Music Tutorial: Part 2: The Sequel
« Last post by etbandung on 28 Jul 2021, 21:23 »
this is so great im gonna put barbie song and ughh kid  :-* :D
General Discussion / Re: glad this website is still up
« Last post by etbandung on 26 Jul 2021, 21:31 »
soo thats why theres not much activities here esketittt
General Discussion / Re: rip site
« Last post by Roskilla on 19 Jul 2021, 01:55 »
yeah, hey. long time.

it's numbing my brain that i made this post almost two years ago. thats so messed up. it literally feels like last week.

i always get a bit choked up when i remember this site/the distractionware forum, i spent so much of my childhood posting here/there. i was probably terrible to interact with on account of being a socially awkward pre-pubescent kid with no awareness, but im glad people put up with it. it's really cool to see there are still people posting on these forums, even if it is very infrequent.

im in university for computer science now, and i think tinkering with making custom vvvvvv levels and learning about internal scripting really sparked that passion for me. a bit insane that some stuff i did for fun online nine years ago made this much of an impact on me today.

thanks tolp gang for being a really cool group of people and making a growing kid really happy. sorry for never contributing to the project lol. i owe yall a lot.

much love.
General Discussion / Re: General off-topic
« Last post by etbandung on 5 Jul 2021, 23:40 »
im generation of pandemix :rainbow: :vermilachaire: :rainbow: :terminal_broken:
General Discussion / Re: glad this website is still up
« Last post by Dav999 on 9 Jun 2021, 15:22 »
Hey, good to see you again! Can't believe it has been almost 9 years for me too (I joined distractionware 2 weeks after you did)

If you're interested, we're mainly on the VVVVVV Discord these days!
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