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10 May 2013, 18:33
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Living in a sink is hard work.
I missed something...
(Roskilla) - back
Jony: post the chat on the forum so Roskilla can see
Dav999: Hi
Jony: Dav! Post the chat OR DIE
Dav999: Which part
crazyal02: damn i missed it
(Roskilla) - ok
Jony: I'm doing it
(Roskilla) - ok
Jony: done
Dav999: Ok
Dav999: Oh really?
Jony: Hah, the imgur number ID thing is Hoo7bag
crazyal02: ninja conversation went in my sig
(Roskilla) - ok
(Roskilla) - ok?
Jony: OK
(Roskilla) - ok!
crazyal02: OK
Dav999: ok
Jony: KO
crazyal02: ok
Dav999: ok
crazyal02: OK
crazyal02: ok
Dav999: ok
Jony: K.O.
(Roskilla) - this is going in my sig
Dav999: OK!
crazyal02: okey dokey
Samario: Pi.
(Roskilla) - 3.1415
Dav999: π
Samario: *3.1415926535
Dav999: 8979etc
Jony: How come whenever I'm here noone posts, but when I check the forum everyone posts?
Dav999: Because adobe
Jony: ?
Dav999: http://imageshack.us/a/img856/6443/84838823.png
Samario: Xd
Samario: *XD
Dav999: From this post: http://distractionware.com/forum/index.php?topic=1352.msg16128#msg16128
Jony: oh ok (pigman)
Dav999: AFK
Jony: AOK
Jony: no
ORANGES: Oranges?
(Roskilla) - Pineoranges would taste good
(Roskilla) - instead of pineapple
Dav999: Back
Jony: to the past?
Dav999: No, back to the future
(Roskilla) - No, to the PO
Jony: aww...
Jony: Check out my new JonathanOS
JonathanOS: Hello
(Roskilla) - cool
Jony: It does everything
JonathanOS: everything
Jony: It even runs LOGO
(Roskilla) - ok like make me toast an butter it?
Jony: Ye
Jony: Yes
Jony: Hold on a sec
Jony: :Create entity toast
JonathanOS: What would you like on it?
Jony: butter
(Roskilla) - butter
JonathanOS: Give me a moment...
JonathanOS: Loading
JonathanOS: Done!
(Roskilla) - cool!
Jony: I know, right?
Kayya: woah
Dav999: Anyway, it's Japanese for nn?
Dav999: (Hmm?
Dav999: )
Kayya: its faster then my windows 8 desktop
(Viridian) - wat o_0
(Viridian) - you ninja'd me
Kayya: who did what
Dav999: Windows 8 is also terribly slow in Virtualbox, Windows Vista runs normally
(Viridian) - you ninja'd me
Kayya: who me?
(Viridian) - no dav999
Dav999: And 8 was supposed to be fast
(Viridian) - but you first
Kayya: for internet explorer, its fast
(Viridian) - you ninja'd me dav
Dav999: Internet explorer :o
(Viridian) - kayya again
Kayya: chrome and firefox are as slow as a turtle there
Dav999: Seriously, are you using the drawing room in IE?
(Viridian) - dav again
Kayya: im not
Kayya: i hate ie
Kayya: im using chrome
Dav999: Oh
Kayya: roskilla
Kayya: what
(Viridian) - i use crome
Kayya: what
Kayya: *chrome
(Viridian) - whatev
They won't let me do ASCII!
(Roskilla) - dont post in chat
(Roskilla) -   ___ ___ .__
Jony: but wait
Jony: *wai
Jony: I like posting in chat
(Roskilla) - i was doing an ascii art
Jony: oh
(Roskilla) - /:/
Jony: go on
(Roskilla) -   ___ ___ .__
Jony: what's it a picture of?
(Roskilla) - the word Hi
Jony: ok
(Roskilla) -   ___ ___ .__
(Roskilla) -  /   |   \|__|
Jony: Who is it saying hi to?
(Roskilla) - NEVERMIND!!!
Jony: ok fine I'm done for real