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General Discussion / Re: Drawing room
« on: 7 May 2013, 11:00 »
If we're going to use a room that's down constantly we can't really communicate can we?

Anyway, if you want to get my attention on the chatroom you have to type my name :P

General Discussion / Re: Drawing room
« on: 7 May 2013, 10:07 »
I'm not sure if a Drawing Room is the best way to communicate...especially seeing as it's using flash :violet:

We could start an irc chat. I've regged #vvvvvv on freenode. Enter a nickname and click here to join. Although the appeal of a drawing room is high it's a bit silly, and I can't connect.

VVVVVV / VVVVVV Levels forum?
« on: 7 May 2013, 10:03 »
Are we going to include a VVVVVV levels forum here or not?

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