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VVVVVV / 2.2 bug list
« on: 12 Jun 2014, 16:51 »
So I'm just going to put this one here. Not sure if anything will be done, but can be useful for a reference.
Based on a buglist I made for 2.1 with adjustments for fixed bugs and new bugs.

This list applies to VVVVVV 2.2. The build is the equavilent of Steam build 306056. The list was last updated on 2014-06-24 02:59 UTC.

New bugs (major minor M&P-only):
* You can bypass invincibility check for Super Gravitron by going into the main game and run the "found all 20 trinkets" dialog (or by gamestate(9) in custom levels, but this doesn't really count)
* If you turn slightly to the left after rescuing a crewmate, to the middle of the teleporter, then perform a teleport, you get "Game Saved" and the game locks up
* If MMMMMMod is installed and in PPPPPP (old-style) mode, track ID 0 and 7 loops, and music fadeouts/fadeins can occur for the same track (this can be seen in Time Trials for instance)
* The Windows version of VVVVVV M&P lacks the remixed Predestined Fate for potential custom level usage
* The "game options" menu has messed up descriptions because of removed "unlock play modes" entry

Unfixed bugs from 2.1:
* Occasionally when entering the 10th column (9,x internally, 10,x in custom level coordinates) in custom levels, the whole column gets activated in the minimap
* say(x,terminal) is supposed to switch back to gray dialogs once you
use x,crewmate - it doesn't and just use the same as the last one.
* The room corresponding to the super gravitron in the main game still
warps in all directions in custom levels unless overridden by warp
* Having a 2 star completion of a level and complete it another time
without all trinket reverts completion to just 1 star
* Exiting the game next to a teleporter ruins the save
* Weird things occur when teleporting back to ship in mid-air,
touching teleporters cancels the teleport, touching hazards, etc. In
some cirumstances (only managed to cause this in  Linux) the game
freezes completely.
* Press enter to teleport and Game Saved aren't flipped in flip mode
* With backgrounds off, if you open level editor menu, the level still
appears behind it
* iftrinketsless(), both in custom levels *and* in the main game
checks the trinket amount identifier for the main game's jukebox (i.e.
the save file which also maintains achievements, unlockables, time
trials). Not only is this counter completely bugged in combination
with custom levels (which also alter this!) but very unhelpful to
either custom level makers, or even the main game itself (starting a
new game doesn't reset this)
* Exiting the main game or a custom level in certain locations makes
starting up the level editor play music. This can be triggered, for
example, by exiting 10,1 (9,0 internally)
* Pressing ESC instead of back in starting music selection for a
custom level keeps the music playing.
* Using Say or Reply or any other strange casing, without any () will
not trigger cutscenebars in custom levels
* Having a checkpoint very low in a room makes it appear on the top too when wrapping is activated (vertically or in all directions)
* Saving in The Gravitron mess stuff up when returning
* Too many custom levels downloaded makes loading the list take a very
serious performance hit - a lot more than it should take. The fact
that the game basically freezes meanwhile doesn't really look good
* There's various hard limits (often 500) in the game in various
places usually related to custom levels. Insteading of exceeding them
gives a notice about it, VVVVVV outright crashes, without mentioning
anyhing about caps in first place.
* You can modify arbitrary points in RAM with flag(x,on/off) beyond
flags 0-99. I get the feeling that this is pretty bad. I'm no security
expert, but you probably want to avoid stuff like buffer overflows
(which I guess this is) for security reasons.

Fixed bugs in latest 2.2 patch:
* You cannot resume from a quicksave in The Tower (this bug didn't exist in steam builds 301801, 301933, 302001, windows 2.1-july, Pandora version, non-Windows 2.2 versions)
* If you quit the game when bottom/top spikes in The Tower appears, you can't resume from a quicksave in The Tower. This bug "replaces" the above mentioned bug for the versions it is fixed for.
* Opening any menu while in Flip Mode will override the in-game background with a flipped version of said menu.
* Having PPPPPP active while MMMMMM is installed creates broken saves
* The in-game timer in the main game is frozen
* Clicking "Player Levels" on an user with non-English letters that isn't part of the VVVVVV font will crash the game
* Time Trial's par time system messes up if you start a time trial after exiting from main game if your in game time exceeds the time trial's par time.
* Time Trials award the achievement regardless of whether or not you cleared the Time Trial with a V rank
* Clearing at least 1 custom level in VVVVVV and restarting the game will make the "play level" menu crash the game
* The Final Level's unstable part crashes VVVVVV very often
* Occasionally, VVVVVV will freeze at the pause screen, making you have to restart the game
* Warp lines are "unstable" and you occasionally simply go through them.
* Flag 67 turned on still makes you able to "teleport to ship", even
in a custom level (and doing so ruins your main save). (Please, refrain from using flag 67 regardless if you can to maintain 2.0 compatibility)
* Exiting the game while Viridian is half wrapped vertically doesn't
exit the game properly. Strangely, this only happens in custom levels.
* Exiting custom levels in certain places makes the main game run with
black screen until you press ESC. This also happens in the 3DS version
* The in game timers are slightly too fast (1s/min) (cannot reproduce myself)
* openGL defaults to on, this crashes certain setups. If you don't
find a fix yourself, you may want to set default as off, just like in
2.0 (since it lacked it completely)
* Sprite coloring in Flip Mode resets while part of you is touching a
wall (asuming unchanged sprites.png colors, Viridian turns into dark
blue when doing this for instance)
* Exiting the game in the tower in some cirumstances leads to an
infinite loop of dying until pressing ESC
* Exiting the game while next to spikes cancels the game exit but
keeps the black screen. Might ruin saves since state is reset.

WONTFIX - these bugs has deliberately been left unfixed and wont ever be fixed (misc custom level related):
* Pressing R to respawn always works, instead of working only in custom levels or with invincibility mode turned on. These leads to various bugs in-game
* say(-1) will load the line below as an internal script command
* If you use ifflag, iftrinkets or iftrinketsless to branch to an alternate script, the last line in that script will initially be read as an internal script

Kayya screened some of them:
Lack of flipping text in Flip Mode

What happens in the level editor menu with animated backgrounds off

Checkpoint wrapping

What happens if you save in The Gravitron (aka "Gravitron Flinging")

Even though most people in here probably know me as a scripter (and the one who discovered 2.1 internal scripting), I've always loved playtesting over developing. Apart from testing VVVVVV levels - and VVVVVV itself, see my list of bugs Terry never bothered with as there was never a final 2.1 released - I've also playtested a lot of other stuff, and happen to be in charge of the QA for a Pokémon romhack, have contributed to bug testing several web sites and things like that.
Therefore, I apply to TOLP2 - as a playtester rather than a developer of it.
(The reason that there was bugs for TOLP1 which I never fixed even after the beta was sent out, even if it was regarding scripts, was that I after a while in the project lacked time due to school stuff)


The Open Level 1 - Dimension Open / Critical bug
« on: 25 Jun 2013, 17:40 »
There's a critical bug at the end of the level that activates post-maingame-finish. This doesn't affect the main save but it affects the TOLP save. While this itself is very confusing why it does that, this can ruin VVVVVV saves if you input the "teleport back to ship" function.
(it would be cool to actually use this feature if the ship coordinate happens to be the same, or a similar "place-to-go" place, but sadly it saves the game whether there is a teleporter there or not)

I'll look into what exactly causes this, but until that (or until someone else fixes the issue), can someone PLEASE state this in all places you can download the level?


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